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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Alternate Realities Roundup 5/13

Posted By on May 13, 2014, 10:27 AM

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Vice profiles the President of Uruguay from his bank-robbing, revolutionary start in politics to his current battle against the war on drugs which he has fought by legalizing marijuana in the country.---

Top of the Alty World

“Uruguay and its ex-terrorist head of state may hold the key to ending the global drug war.”--Vice

One of Kentucky's legal arguments against same-sex marriages hinges on the fact that gay couples can't have babies.--Mother Jones

As state conservation agencies continue to expand their roles they do so without appropriate funding.--High Country News

Glenn Greenwald talks about on the technology of espionage and spying on the United Nations.--Democracy Now!

Top of Alty Utah

Hundreds of new laws take effect today.--Utah Political Capitol

The revitalized Granary Row in Salt Lake City unveils new shops and beer!--Salt Lake City Weekly

A community urban garden collapses under personality conflicts and water woes in Salt Lake City--Salt Lake City Weekly

Utah was denied claim to a road in Canyonlands National Park—High Country News


Karen Peterson with Utah Politico Hub makes predictions about some of the new activities the Legislature will prohibit while driving to protect the safety of Utah motorists.

"7. Suggesting your wife look in to any cosmetic procedure advertised on an I-15 billboard.

8. Asking the questions Doug Wright should be asking.

9. Singing along to any songs by Nickleback, Creed, or that Madonna released after 2000."--Utah Politico Hub

The Long View

Ryan Cunningham, a reporter with KCPW radio reflects on what it's like being a political reporter while suffering from bipolar disorder.

“I start to shake. Physically, visibly shake. I’m holding a shotgun microphone, and it becomes increasingly difficult to hold it still enough that I’m not recording the vibrations of my trembling hand. As Utah Senate President Niederhauser responds to my question about LGBT non-discrimination bills, I can’t move my face. If I try to smile or open my mouth, my lips start to quaver and my jaw shivers, as if I’m sitting naked in a meat locker. Sitting in the presence of Utah Senate President Niederhauser, I am a sudden, loud noise away from shitting my pants and fainting.

And after each such encounter, as I sit in the legislative cafeteria attempting to insert a grilled cheese sandwich into my numb mouth with wobbly hands attached to rubber arms, I can’t help but ask myself: Is being a public-radio reporter really the most suitable career for someone with crippling social anxiety and bipolar disorder?”--Salt Lake City Weekly

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