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Friday, April 11, 2014

Alternate Realities Roundup 4/11

Posted By on April 11, 2014, 10:38 AM

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Red Cross donors gave over $300 million in Superstorm Sandy relief, but even still its unclear how that money got spent.---

Top of the Alty World

“Long After Sandy, Red Cross Post-Storm Spending Still a Black Box”--ProPublica

Momentum gains in fossil-fuel divestment campaign with 100 Harvard faculty members calling on the school to dump its investments in polluting industries.--Democracy Now!

The Atlantic looks at what the departure of Health and Human Services Secretary Kahtleen Sebelius means for Obama and Obamacare.--The Atlantic

States are responding to a drug overdose epidemic by encouraging a drug to help prevent drug overdose deaths.--Truth-Out

Top of Alty Utah

The state has sued judges for allowing adoptions by same-sex couples.--Salt Lake City Weekly

Investigators filed a subpoena to obtain a phone from a former Deputy Chief Attorney General said to have “insurance” on it against former Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.--Salt Lake City Weekly

Local candidates have already raised $2 million for the 2014 election.--Utah Political Capitol

The normally sleepy race for Salt Lake County Assessor heats up with one candidate being accused of making sexist and degrading comments about women at campaign functions.--Utah Politico Hub


Bob Bernick, a veteran of the daily newspaper business reflects on the announcement of 8 new layoffs at the Salt Lake Tribune and what would happen if the paper was sold off or closed down.

“I’ve covered the Utah Legislature for 34 years. My experience may lead me to poor judgments and/or half-ass reporting (as some lawmakers may believe). But at least I have some experience in detailing the often bizarre inner workings of the legislative political process. What’s happening at The Salt Lake Tribune these days is important, especially as the News moves more and more into its national and international emphasis on faith, family, and traditional values reporting.

The Trib’s excellent investigations of former AGs Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow show the value – the real need – for an aggressive government watchdog. If not for theTribune – and some fine reporting by City Weekly, as well – Swallow may still be in office; no Utah Elections Office investigation, no Utah House investigation. A hedge fund in New York could care less about journalist quality in Salt Lake City; nor its impact on the democratic process of governing.”--Utah Policy

 The Long View

The Orlando Weekly talks to Florida Congressman Alan Grayson about the state's failure to expand Medicaid that led to the death of state residents like Charlene Dill, a woman who has now become a martyr for those in the state who have fallen between the coverage gaps.

“Charlene’s sad and unnecessary death illustrates what I have said all along: For the 1 million of Floridians who cannot afford health care coverage, the Republican health care plan is simply this: ‘Don’t get sick,’” Grayson says. “If you do get sick, and if you cannot afford coverage, the GOP has nothing for you but prayer. The Republicans have no answers, no alternatives, no ideas, no safety nets, no sympathy, no empathy and no compassion. Just these three words: ‘Don’t get sick.’ The GOP’s refusal to expand Medicaid, at no cost to Florida, has put the GOP’s appalling disregard for human life on full display. As far as they’re concerned, if you’re not a fetus, you’re on your own. The Republicans would literally rather watch people like Charlene die than give them the care that they need to stay healthy and alive. It’s disgusting and sadistic.”--Orlando Weekly  

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