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Friday, March 7, 2014

Alternate Realities Roundup 3/7

Posted By on March 7, 2014, 11:08 AM

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Mother Jones looks at four ways that energy policy are shaping the showdown with Russia.---

Top of the Alty World

“What the Ukraine Crisis Means for the Energy Industry”--Mother Jones

A look at the military sexual assault bill that passed in the U.S. Senate.--BuzzFeed

With tens of thousands of American remains missing since World War II, the Pentagon has an incredibly poor track records in recovering the remains of veterans.--ProPublica

California leaders may have to follow plays out of Arizona's water policies when it comes to preparing for future droughts.--Slate

Top of Alty Utah

With an email suggesting only 30 percent of rape kits are tests statewide, a lawmaker and other leaders strategize how to process the backlog of untested kits in the state.--Salt Lake City Weekly

Senate leaders who have proposed their own Medicaid expansion proposal said they would support Governor Herbert's plan.--Utah Political Capitol

A bill allowing a cannabis-oil treatment for children with severe epilepsy advances on the hill.--Salt Lake City Weekly

At a townhall meeting the “145Fund” was announced to help cover the legal bills of the case against the State of Utah to allow same-sex marriages in the state.--Q Salt Lake


City Weekly's Scott Renshaw looks at the controversy surrounding the Mormon mother who complained of a hidden gay agenda in Disney's Frozen and why people's bias won't allow them to recognize that her interpretation was a fair one.

“We live in an age of discourse with blinders on. Once we’ve established “our team,” it becomes virtually impossible to admit that the other team could be right about anything, because who knows what kind of anarchy that could lead to. Instead, we lock ourselves into a world in which we’ve decided that only those who agree with us about everything have anything to teach us.”--Salt Lake City Weekly

The Long View

The Center for Investigative Reporting looks at the practice of putting juveniles in solitary confinement.

“There’s not much inside “the box.” Cinder block walls rise up and close in. There’s a bunk, a sink, a toilet and a metal door with a small mesh window. Food comes through a slot. Sometimes, mice and roaches scamper through. Teenagers kept in the box sometimes hallucinate and throw fits. They splash urine around or smear their blood and shit on the walls. The concrete room gets so hot in the summertime that the floor and walls sweat. Ismael Nazario’s longest stretch in the box lasted four months. He paced a lot, talking to himself and choking back tears and rage. He tried to block out the screaming of the teenage boys in other jail cells in his unit, but he couldn’t. Sometimes, he would stand at the door of his tiny cell and yell.”--The Center for Investigative Reporting

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