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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Alternate Realities Roundup 2/25

Posted By on February 25, 2014, 10:44 AM

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Documents show the Federal Reserve blew it at the start of the 2008 recession by focusing too much on banks and not the rest of the economy.---

Top of the Alty World

“Ben Bernanke's Biggest Mistake”--Slate

A little-known regulation could require Universities to disclose how they determine how and what kind of financial aid they award to students, a level of transparency most higher education institutions currently shun.---ProPublica

Lawmakers in Georgia want to allow gay diners to be kicked out of restaurants.--Mother Jones

Colorado becomes the first state to regulate oil and gas industries methane emissions.--High Country News

Top of Alty Utah

Legislation calling for the moving of the state prison advances on the hill.--Utah Political Capitol

Lt. Governor John Cox talks about Medicaid, County My Vote and more with Utah Policy (video).--Utah Policy

The editor of the University of Utah's student newspaper urges that any changes to the paper preserve the paper's independent voice.--Salt Lake City Weekly

Increased ammo sales from fear of federal gun control legislation bring a significant revenue stream to the state.--Salt Lake City Weekly


Activist Troy Williams, who was arrested for protesting at the capitol when lawmakers refused to hear a nondiscrimination bill for LGBT Utahns wants more Utahns to make a stand for equality.

“We are planning another big rally at the Capitol on March 5th at 12:30 and we want you to be there to raise your voice. We need to restore democracy in Utah. You don’t need to get arrested to make a stand. You just need to take a stand.  We need the Legislators and the governor to recognize that we are never going back into the closet, we are never going to be silent and we are never going to stop fighting for our rights.”

The Long View City Weekly takes a look at the secret lives of the notorious sperm swapper Tom Lippert. “Lippert consistently hinted at having grandiose hidden agendas, Nielson says; he at times mentioned that he was involved with the CIA or that he’d gone to Cuba and talked to Castro. While we knew Lippert was strange and sometimes scary, we never knew the real Lippert, whose life was built on deception, bullying and alcoholism. None of us knew that Lippert had served two years in prison for kidnapping Purdue University student Susan Cochran in 1975. We never guessed Lippert had been a law professor by the age of 26, or that he’d lost his license to practice law because he’d been convicted on conspiracy charges after the kidnapping.”--Salt Lake City Weekly

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