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Friday, February 28, 2014

Local Releases: Cheap Pandering To Post Punk & Thrash

We bid February goodbye as quickly as we possibly could and dive head first into March's cavalcade of new music, but first we look back at a few remaining releases from this past month. --- We're going to start with some shameless pandering for a raise, because Spork have a brand new album out.

Dubsy Design

It has become clear that for many rising creators, being held to one area just doesn't work for many of them, and sometimes isn't as satisfying as they thought. --- Its the reason why you see so many artists taking up different styles and genres, getting their work to the masses in as many forms as possible while expanding their own creativity in areas they might not have explored prior, ultimately giving the public more local art to check out and choose from in the longrun.

Pics: Final 2014 CWMA DJ Spin-off @ Zest

The the open-format DJ Spin-off—the final DJ showcase of the 2014 CWMAs—happened Wednesday night, with killer sets from Justin Godina, DJ Bentley, DJ Matty Mo, DJ Battleship and DJ Handsome Hands going till 1 a.m. The DJ of the Year will be announced in next week's issue; meanwhile, check out these pictures from the DJ showcase from Andrew Fillmore and visit for the latest on the remaining band and rap showcases.---

Could We Sue Utah Over Bad Air? No; we're probably screwed

In the age of "I'm gonna sue you!" it seems like you can file charges for just about anything (even ugly children). And now that a man is attempting to sue the Chinese government over air pollution, could Utah be next?---

Utility Rate Hike To Bankroll Clean Air Clears Committee

A bill that would raise gas and utility bills by a dollar and push the money into an interlocal agency stacked with representatives from utility companies and the oil and gas industry cleared its first hurdle in the legislature Friday.---

Bill to Loosen Pain Pill Prescription Law Fails in Committee

The House Health and Human Services Committee room was packed with advanced nurse practitioners who came out to support a bill to allow them prescribe Schedule II and III prescription drugs including Lortabs, Percoset and Morphine without consultation from a physician.

Glad You Asked: Weekend To-Dos

Dear GYA, Well, the inevitable finally happened, the Mt.Gox Bitcoin exchange filed for bankruptcy and now $425 million of everyone's make-believe money is gone. I guess it's just hard to believe that a completely unregulated currency stewarded by Libertarians and Magic: The Gathering players could ever collapse.

Alternate Realities Roundup 2/28

From a son of a U.S. Senator starting a hedge fund right out of college or the daughter of a governor being made a CEO without having an MBA, children of D.C.'s elite are cashing in on family connections.---

The Hack Stamp: NON-STOP

What happens when Liam Neeson takes to the skies for an action-thriller? The critics' airborne puns exceed FAA regulations.

Dead Zephyr: Week 536

The former Zephyr Club in downtown Salt Lake City, 301 S. West Temple; closed since October 2003.  ---

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