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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Alternate Realities Roundup 10/29

Posted By on October 29, 2013, 10:05 AM

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A new study has found that children growing up in poverty struggle to regulate their emotions as adults, having brain patterns similar to those suffering depression, anxiety and other illnesses.---

Top of the Alty World

“The Lasting Impacts of Poverty on the Brain”--Atlantic Cities

Thousands protest NSA surveillance in Washington, D.C., in the wake of new allegations of spying on foreign powers.--Democracy Now!

Saudi Arabia's weakened position in the global economy is likely pushing the country away from its alliance with the United States.--Slate

Leaked documents show major corporate backing for a science group that defends practices such as fracking and pesticide use.--Mother Jones

Top of Alty Utah

Utah faith and business leaders head to Washington, D.C., to argue for immigration reform.--Utah Political Capitol

Funding problems have led to layoffs and a cutback on programming at the Utah Pride Center.--Q Salt Lake

Many Utah high school students admitted in a survey to not reporting to authorities having suffered symptoms of a concussion from high school sports.--KUER

A procurement for “crime mapping” software bought with taxpayer dollars by the Utah Attorney General's Office was fraught with red flags.--Packer Chronicle


The Provo Buzz encourages would-be voters to, well, get out and vote. “When it comes to elections, there is always a choice.  Even when there’s only one name on the ballot, you can write someone in if you can’t bring yourself to vote for that name.  But when there are two names?  Then, wahoo, get up on deck and unleash the kraken, because there’s work to do! Do you vote based on who has the most or prettiest signs up?  Based on who gives you pizza? Based on who is closest to your age? Based on who sends a van with a loudspeaker through the student neighborhoods on Nov. 5 in order to drive the dogies to the polls? No, you do not!  Well, anyway, you should not.”--Provo Buzz

The Long View

Rolling Stone takes a look at the war on food stamps and the statistics drowned out in the debate over entitlements.

“What's more, the hue and cry about widespread food-stamp "fraud" is belied by the facts. The Agriculture Department reported earlier this year that only 2.8 percent of all food-stamp benefits had been provided to people who were ineligible or had received a larger payment than they should have – and it said that the majority of the overpayments had been the result of inadvertent mistakes by caseworkers or recipients. As for the widespread view that food-stamp recipients are selling food stamps for cash, the department reports that such trafficking involves only one percent of benefits.”--Rolling Stone

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