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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

According to These Infographics, Utah Is Ridiculously Sober

Posted By on October 1, 2013, 12:00 PM

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Are you concerned that kids in Utah are snorting cocaine from highly illegal marijuana bongs? Well, worry not, because released an article last week titled “15 Maps That Show How Americans Use Drugs,” or, alternately, “Utah is as just as insanely sober as expected.”---

The data for the charts were compiled from surveys taken by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration in 2010 and 2011, and, like a nerdy little hall monitor with a reflective vest, Utah sticks out in nearly every map.

Here's how Utah compares to the rest of the nation:


Not surprisingly, alcohol seems to be the most intense category as far as Utah's contrast with the states around it, probably due to LDS standards about its consumption and stiff Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control laws.


Oh, hey, word of wisdom:

We're also in the dark green for people's perceptions of alcohol risk.



The opposite end of the spectrum is equally as predictable; well, almost. Marijuana use is clearly high in Colorado and Washington, where the laws are more relaxed these days, but the frontrunner for both marijuana and illicit drug use is Vermont. Also, Oregon likes to abuse pain relievers, apparently.



Interestingly enough, Utah does seem to be on par with much of the country when it comes to cocaine use. Idaho's got us beat in the sobriety department. Also, we do more cocaine than Wyoming.


Unfortunately, the article is mysteriously lacking a map for antidepressants, which probably means that Business Insider just didn't want us to look bad.

More infographics are available here.

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