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Friday, September 20, 2013

Alternate Realities Roundup 9/20

Posted By on September 20, 2013, 10:19 AM

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In the past decade, more than 1,500 people died from liver damage from taking too much acetaminophen, the active ingredient in common drugs like Tylenol.---

Top of the Alty World

“Use Only as Directed”--ProPublica

Researchers say Apple can read users iMessages whenever they want.--Slate

Two years after Occupy Wall Street, the same activists have formed networks to continue to fight for the 99 percent.--Democracy Now!

A new ACLU report documents the explosive growth of the FBI's domestic-surveillance program since 9/11—Rolling Stone

Top of Alty Utah

Lawmakers met to discuss longterm funding problems for Utah's transportation network.--Utah Political Capitol

Political “fixer” Tim Lawson says the FBI wanted him to be a witness against Attorney General John Swallow, and also says he wants to be the next Lieutenant Governor of Utah.--Salt Lake City Weekly

In the Salt Lake City Council District 5, race it's a battle between quiet activist Erin Mendenhall and small-businessman-about-town Bill Davis.--Salt Lake City Weekly

LDS Church leadership have urged members in Hawaii to “study” same-sex marriage legislation there, without specifically advocating one position or another.--Q Salt Lake


School teacher Stephanie Lauritzen argues that the new school-grading system unfairly hurts public education.

“Furthermore, the evaluations compared the progress of low-income schools—schools that teach hundreds of English Language Learners—with college-prep charter schools like the Utah County Academy of Sciences. Schools that serve underprivileged populations already know their test scores aren’t going to match a school with more resources. And whatever the circumstances of the school, the last thing a public school needs is a failing or low grade. Public schools need support, not just from the Legislature but from parents, who are now wondering if they should pull their child from a C- or D-grade school.”--Salt Lake City Weekly

The Long View

San Diego CityBeat talks with the three progressive insiders who took down San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who recently resigned while facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

"Frye, Gonzalez and Briggs set Filner's downfall in motion. But why these three? How is it that a former city council member and two environmental attorneys took it upon themselves to bring down a mayor they helped get elected? CityBeat interviewed the three of them for nearly six hours in two sittings, and the answer might be unsatisfying to some readers: It just happened. They found a seed of a scandal, and they felt compelled to act on it. They laughed several times during the interviews at the notion that what they did was elaborately planned and exquisitely executed, let alone pulled off at the behest of powerful puppet-masters who wanted Filner gone. They often had no idea what their next move would be; they frequently disagreed about what to do as the "chess game," as Briggs and Gonzalez put it, played out. "A lot of what we were thinking at that time was, like, we're progressives; Bob's progressive," Gonzalez says. "What the heck does this do to our movement if our leader, in the context of a national debate over women's rights ... what happens with a progressive mayor who has these issues?"--San Diego CityBeat

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