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Monday, August 26, 2013

GoatSifter, Oxcross

Posted By on August 26, 2013, 11:00 AM

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This past weekend, I decided I hadn't been to Burt's Tiki Lounge in a few months, so why not cover a show for the blog. --- Upon coming up to the venue, I saw there wasn't anything covering the windows (except the stickers still outside), and I could look into the place. Then, I walk in and see a freshly painted floor, the smell of Pinesol is gone, a big-screen TV sits in the back, and there are patterned rugs all over the place. I didn't dare photograph it beyond Twitter for fear it may vanish into a mirage, but even the bar had received proper lighting!

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This week, I interview Oxcross and GoatSifter, two bands playing with Visigoth this past Friday, who were celebrating Mikey T's birthday in style! I chat with both bands, and have photos of all their performances, which you can check out in this gallery here.

GoatSifter (For this interview, the band chose to answer as a group.)

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Gavin: Hey, guys. First thing, tell us a little about yourselves.

Goatsifter: We're men, not righteous, and unworthy of the Sifters hand. We practice the Dark Art of Selfishness, with the end objective to destroy the hearts and minds of all the people. One in four Americans have an STD; that means two of us have been burnt by syphilis.

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Gavin: What got you interested in music, and who were some of your favorite acts and musical influences growing up?

Goatsifter: For Dave, it was Roberta Flack, Bad Religion, Randy Travis and Rush. Robbie had The Descendants, Smashing Pumpkins; but Refused and At the Drive In changed the way he thought about music and made him want to create it. For Zak, it was Metallica, Nirvana, Killing Joke and Iron Maiden. And for Mike, he liked Louis Prima, Howlin' Wolf, Bad Brains and Wu-Tang ... specifically Old Dirty Bastard and the GZA.

Gavin: How did you all come together to form GoatSifter?

Goatsifter: All our other bands crumbled; we are the stalwarts of the broken. His name be praised.

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Gavin: Considering that you're all from previous bands, what was it like creating a sound that didn't mirror previous acts?

Goatsifter: It's easy if you are honest, just mix it all up and do not fear the unknown.

Gavin: You formed just a few months ago. How has it been performing around and gaining an audience?

Goatsifter: We only have one show under our belts right now, but all will be revealed when The Sifter allows; all that is unknown will then be known. All hope must be abandoned while in the presence of The Sifter; the glory and the power are his, it is right to give him thanks and praise.

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Gavin: Are there any plans on your part to do an EP or an album yet?

Goatsifter: Indeed ... at the earliest when the shadows grow long, when the winds turn cold and when seasonal depression runs high.

Gavin: Would you want to tour down the road, or are you keeping to playing Utah for now?

Goatsifter: If The Sifter allows ... perhaps, but for now we are content to praise his name and eat your children.

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Gavin: Going local, what are your thoughts on the music scene, both good and bad?

Goatsifter: We need more all-age venues, The Shred Shed is helping quite a bit. We wish there were more testosterone-fueled bands that aren't afraid to play loud, fast, and angry ...without being a bunch of sad bastards playing softly into the winds. FUCK THE AMERICAN HITMEN.

Gavin: Is there anything you believe could be done to make it more prominent?

Goatsifter: Yes, go start a band, get some people together and play the music! Fuck as many men and women as you can, never turn down an opportunity to dance from anyone. You only YOLO once.

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Gavin: Not including yourselves, who are your favorite acts in the scene right now?

Goatsifter: Oxcross, All Systems Fail, Oldtimer, Desolate -- basically, any band Dave Jones is in. Jared Fluhman, Filth Whores, Eons, Visigoth, I Am The Ocean and Cult Leader.

Gavin: What's your opinion on the current airplay on community radio and how it affects local musicians?

Goatsifter: It treats local bands well that are within the parameters of what is traditionally considered acceptable radio. It is helpful if you play the grandpa guitars.

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Gavin: What do you think of file sharing these days, both as musicians and a music lovers?

Goatsifter: Do it. All day. Everyday. If you get busted, wear a wig. Hop a train and cut you a switch, wear that hat that your baby done sewed. Human creativity should be available for human consumption.

Gavin: What can we expect from all of you over the rest of this year?

Goatsifter: Mayhem.

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Gavin: Is there anything you'd like to plug or promote?

Goatsifter: Goatsifter -- his name be praised. The magic eraser that shits amazing; it erases your problem as it consumes itself. Fruits, vegetables, grains, Utah Brewers, the Farmers Market, and our flourishing LGBT community. Ben Affleck as Batman.

Oxcross (Taylor Williams, Dave Jones, Jeff Anderson & Andy Patterson)

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Gavin: Hey, guys. First off, how have you all been since we last chatted?

Jeff: I have been fantastic.

Taylor: No complaints.

Gavin: All of you are involved in other projects. How are your other bands doing right now?

Jeff: Andy and I are in Top Dead Celebrity together. We are currently recording a new record. It’s coming along nicely, and we’ll, hopefully, have it done in the next few months.

Taylor: Oxcross is my only band. I’m not a band whore like the rest of these dudes.

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Gavin: With all that happening, how did you come together to form Oxcross?

Jeff: We are all friends, and Taylor and Andy have a history together, so when Taylor moved back from Denver, it was natural that they’d start something up. It took them a while to call me, but I’m glad they did. We’re all friends and don’t take stuff too seriously, so it’s easy to work around schedules. We do it because it’s enjoyable. I don’t know about other people, but I certainly don’t find it hard to make time to do something I really love.

Taylor: Well, we should have hit up Jeff right away. He and I get along really well, and we ended up really playing off of each other extremely well. %uFFFDHe complements my playing perfectly. It’s never a struggle, I write some shit, he just does his thing and it always makes the song better. Then, we hit up Dave Jones, and he’s just so solid, rarely does anyone have to direct a member of the band what to do for their parts. Everyone in Oxcross is so easy to work with, it’s almost stupid.

Gavin: Considering the other bands you play in, what kind of a challenge is it making a sound that doesn't sound like any of your previous works?

Jeff: I try to not write a lot of songs for Oxcross. Taylor writes the core song, then I just try to add flavor. It’s easier for me; besides, I love his songs. Once in a while, I’ll write something that I know isn’t TDC material and I’ll file it away as something that Oxcross could definitely make work.

Taylor: Like I said, I’m a one-band kind of guy, so everything I write is for Oxcross.

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Gavin: You've been together about a year now. How has it been performing together in this band and gaining an audience within an already established one?

Jeff: Well, again, it’s about fun, and it has been. I really enjoy this band. I enjoy the people in the band. I guess it’s definitely nice that we are all in or have been in other known bands, but I think at the end of the day if it weren’t good, people wouldn’t like it. I’d like to think regardless of past projects, people like us because of what we’re doing now.

Taylor: I have no idea if we have a real audience half the time. We play, sometimes people are there, sometimes not. Being in a band is a mystery at times, and like Jeff said, it’s about the enjoyment level. Sometimes, I’ll be bummed about a poor turnout, but as soon as I start playing, all that melts away and it becomes about playing with four dudes who I love being around and shredding with.

Gavin: Is there any consideration for touring right now, or are you staying an SLC-centric band?

Jeff: We don’t have plans right now, but, frankly, we don’t even have a record done. I wouldn’t want to even entertain the idea of touring until we have a completed record to travel on. I’m sure we’ll go to Denver and play with friends, that sort of thing, but not concrete tour plans ... yet.

Taylor: If we get offered cool shows, no one in Oxcross is going to say no, as long as we can make it work with our schedules.

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Gavin: Are there any recordings in the works for an album?

Jeff: A record is currently being made. I’d say we are 90% done with tracking. I think Taylor has one more song to do vocals on, and there may be a couple of guitar things, but we are real close.

Taylor: Our record is so close to being done. I’m really proud of it. AP makes the hits. He’s getting like 20 points on the back end.

Gavin: Going local, what are your thoughts on the music scene, both good and bad?

Jeff: I love our local scene. I think there is a lot of talent here. The last few shows I’ve been to, I’ve seen younger people out supporting music. It’s nice to see, and I hope it continues.

Taylor: Salt Lake is weird. Seems like the scene fluctuates in cycles. Sometimes, there are tons of people at shows; sometimes, there’s no one. There is no rhyme or reason to it, but it was the same in Denver when I lived there and was playing music there, as well. Salt Lake is a rad place overall with cool shit going on all the time. Seems like it is getting better.

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Gavin: Is there anything you believe could be done to make it more prominent?

Jeff: I don’t know. I’m old and jaded. I think making something that is real. Do what you love. People will be drawn to it.

Taylor: I’m with Jeff here. I’m in my late 30’s. I just want to play music, and I don’t have the energy or the inclination to worry about the scene. Seems like a younger man’s game. I still go out to shows, and try to support bands I like and whatnot, but it’s hard for me to get out unless I’m playing.

Gavin: Not including yourselves, who are your favorite acts in the scene right now?

Jeff: Baby Gurl played Crucialfest with us, and I absolutely loved them. I also really like La Verkin. Light/Black is doing amazing things and, of course, INVDRS are still crushing. There’s a bunch of others but those stand out to me right now.

Taylor: La Verkin, Light Black and Eagle Twin always crush it.

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Gavin: What's your opinion on the current airplay on community radio and how it affects local musicians?

Jeff: I have no idea. Do local artists get airplay? Just kidding. I’ve never felt like I made music for the radio, community or commercial, so it’s a hard question for me to answer.

Taylor: Personally, the only radio I listen to ever is NPR. I’ve never seen a real impact from radio play on any of the bands I’ve ever been in. Radio is kind of dead, for better or for worse. I don’t think radio play matters.

Gavin: What do you think of file sharing these days, both as musicians and a music lovers?

Jeff: I like it. It allows me to get records I normally wouldn’t go out on a limb and buy. I’ve heard more music and become a fan of more music because of file sharing than not. I've never seen my paychecks dwindle because of it, either. I guess I can see where it upsets some artists. I mean, if my paychecks from work just started getting smaller, I’d be upset, too.

Taylor: File sharing is awesome. Worrying about it and trying to stop it is sort of like kicking against the pricks, so to speak. Vinyl is where it’s at these days, anyhow. I am way more apt to buy a record if there is vinyl.

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Gavin: What can we expect from all of you over the rest of this year?

Jeff: Hopefully, get the Oxcross and TDC records out. Start writing my script for the musical adaptation of The Human Centipede.

Taylor: I just want to finish the record and get it out there, keep writing songs and making music with these fine fellows.

Gavin: Is there anything you'd like to plug or promote?

Jeff: Get yourself a Bear Arms T-shirt. It’ll help Jesse Mills make another commercial, which was a lot of fun to be in.

Taylor: Go record with Andy Paterson. He rules.

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