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Saturday, June 29, 2013

In The Loop: 6/29/13. Hey! Twisted Firestarters!

Hello to all you hot dog-scarfing, fireworks-lighting, wildfire-starting, pool-diving, heat-sweating, celebrating-your-independence-in-style enthusiasts! --- Okay, personal plea here, gang: Every fucking year, it seems that this state can't help but set itself on fire.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Valley Mental Health Cutting Loose Up to 2,100 Client-Patients

On Monday, Valley Mental Health will send letters to 400 mentally ill clients in Salt Lake County, informing them that they will need to seek treatment elsewhere.--- Valley anticipates sending letters to an additional 1,700 clients within several months, as part of a plan to cease treatment of clients with the least "severe" mental-health conditions----"those with the least-severe conditions; those who have not been hospitalized in the last six months; and those who do not present a suicide risk," according to a letter sent to Valley staff (scroll down to read the letter).

This Fourth of July, Celebrate 'Merica the Safe Way

With the Fourth of July and our beloved Pioneer Day coming up, fireworks will soon light up the horizon. While fireworks scream patriotism, unfortunately, they also scream potential wildfires and burn injuries. To keep it safe and legal, but still a good time, we've complied a list of handy safety tips, and when and where it's legit to blow stuff up.

Dead Zephyr: Week 501

The former Zephyr Club in downtown Salt Lake City, 301 S. West Temple; closed since October 2003.

Glad You Asked: Weekend To-Dos

Dear GYA, Here at the Hogle Zoo we have lots of interesting animals to enjoy -- none of which have two heads.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Saturday's Voyeur 2013

For theater patrons and lovers of Beehive State satire, it's that time of year again to crack out the picnic blankets and bone up on the last year's worth of local mistakes. --- Salt Lake Acting Company's annual season finale, Saturday's Voyeur, returns to the downtown stage, taking aim at absurdities throughout Utah and beyond, more than likely with its fair share of religious jabs and political baggage.

Alternate Realities Roundup 6/28

A former George Bush speechwriter explains that the GOP needs “shock therapy” when it comes to immigration reform, and not actively trying to alienate Latino voters.---

Faith and Community Leaders to Pray for Citizenship

DREAM Act students, together with faith and community leaders, will conduct a prayer vigil tonight in front of the Wallace Bennett Federal Building for a "road map" for citizenship for America's 11 million undocumented.--- Since June 12, the Salt Lake Dream Team has been hosting daily vigils in front of the building, where Sens. Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch have their offices.

Glad You Asked: Ginny Blackmore, Krizz Kaliko and Luciano

Dear GYA, Well, damn it, it looks like the Republicans were right all along. As soon as the Supreme Court shot down DOMA, my husband left me to gay-marry a miniature schnauzer, a pack of Skittles and a case of white-wine spritzers.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5k "Run-4-Guns" Race Calls for Armed Runners

If you happen to be strolling through the sleepy Utah County town of Spanish Fork in September and turn a corner to find dozens of runners pounding the pavement and packing iron, don’t worry—it’s not an invasion, it’s Utah’s first ever “Run 4 Guns” 5k, where participants are encouraged to run while openly carrying the firearm of their choice.---

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