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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Alternate Realities Roundup 4/19

Posted By on April 18, 2013, 9:42 PM

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New York City’s Daily News doctored a photo from the Boston Marathon bombing to make an injured woman’s injuries appear even more gruesome.---

Top of the Alty World

“Daily News Doctored front-page photo from Boston Bombing”—Capital New York

MotherJones provides a must read profile of the soldiers who ran the Boston Marathon wearing 40 pounds of gear, and later helped save lives.—MotherJones

Detroit police are picking up the city’s homeless and dumping them outside of the city limits.—Gawker

An attorney was denied emergency contact with one of his clients detained at Guantanamo Bay.—Rolling Stone

A high school student’s principal is threatening to jeopardize her ability to get in the college of her choosing because the student protested a “slut shaming” abstinence-only presentation at her school.—ThinkProgress

Top of Alty Utah

Provo Buzz explains how Google’s decision to bring Google Fiber to Provo will completely change the city—Provo Buzz

Governor Gary Herbert wants the federal investigation against Attorney General John Swallow to be over.—KUER

Conservative think tank the Sutherland Institute questioned the faith of LDS restaurant owners who sell alcohol.—Salt Lake City Weekly

Utah Policy’s Bryan Schott talks with Governor Herbert about vetoes and vouchers.—Salt Lake City Weekly


The Salt City Sinner dishes on right-wing conspiracy-theorist Alex Jones and his claiming the government’s involvement in the Boston Marathon attacks.

“Jones was first off the nutwagon, tweeting a record-setting 30 minutes after the tragedy in Boston that "this thing stinks to high heaven." He's since been beating his little toy drum with characteristic maniacal abandon, making an assortment of entertaining and evidence-free claims.You've got to give Jones credit. He and his team quickly grasped the brass ring of lunacy regarding reactions to Boston and then, without even pausing for a Krispy Kreme or a cold Coca Cola, have ascended to astonishing new heights of far-fetched conspiracy theory with each passing hour. You don't get that far out into bat country without some serious effort.”—Salt City Sinner

The Long View

The Nation asks whether or not the Fox News can adapt to the fact that their audience is literally dying off.

“To keep relying on a shrinking number of elderly, white and male subsets of the public, whether to win elections or win ratings, has become a strategy of diminishing returns, however.”I think that you can't separate the problem at Fox [News] from the problem that the Republicans are going through," [says former Reagan White House economic adviser Bruce Bartlett]. He can speak firsthand to this incestuous relationship, as his 2006 book, Impostor—which broke with party orthodoxy over the Bush administration's deficit spending—quickly made him persona non grata at Fox News, he says. (Fox News did not respond to questions about his comment.) "The Republicans are trying to retool to win. That's all they care about, and they're trying to decide, 'How can we be more pragmatic? How can we shave off the rough edges? How can we get rid of the whack jobs who are embarrassing us, costing us Senate seats? But at the same time, we can't do this in such a way that it alienates our base.'" Fox News faces a similar dilemma, Bartlett contends: "It's 'How do we modernize? How do we attract new audiences without losing the old audience? How do we remain relevant without abandoning our traditions?'"--AlterNet

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