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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Go Inside Amy Schumer -- Dare You

Deceptively sweet-looking comedian Amy Schumer is one twisted, damaged, sick chick—why’d it take so long to get her a cable show?

Open Screen Night

Once again, it's time for a showcase of Salt Lake City's most intriguing aspiring short-film-makers. Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 1), the Salt Lake Film Society's Tower Theatre once again serves as venue for Local Open Screen Night, a chance to get new short works in front of an audience.

Glad You Asked: Prezident Brown, Raising Fluffy and Touche

Dear GYA, Now that we have The Rock in every movie this summer, we should really consider putting him in movies ... from years past.

Plan-B Theatre: 10th Anniversary SLAM

This weekend marks a special celebration for Plan-B Theatre, as it presents and celebrates the 10th anniversary of SLAM. --- For those of you not aware, SLAM takes a group of writers, directors and actors, gives them 24 hours to write, block and finalize a short scene revolving around a specific topic chosen at random ahead of time, to be performed live at the Rose Wagner on May 4.

Monday, April 29, 2013

CWMA 2013 Review: Matteo, Mideau, L'anarchiste

The City Weekly Music Awards are for lovers. Maybe that's not exactly always the case, and yet, for one night, lovers made the CWMAs home.

It's Time To Admit That Guns Are Fun

I've shot quite a few guns in my lifetime, but I've never owned one; I've never felt the need to. If for some reason, a sex-crazed, burglar-terrorist broke into my house, I like to think my dog would bite him in the sack.

Glad You Asked: Rodriguez, Kottonmouth Kings and Bees

Dear GYA, I would like to thank our breakfast overlords at McDonald's for finally lifting their ironclad, 10:30 a.m. breakfast embargo.

CWMA 2013 Review: Book on Tape Worm, Golden Sun, Polytype

Where in Utah do you go to enjoy a tight-knit music community -- Google Fiber (soon enough) and the deliciousness that is The Awful Waffle?

Monday Meal: Cinco de Mayo Skirt Steak

Now that spring is finally sprung, it's time to get grilling! Here is an easy but delicious recipe that would be perfect for spicing up your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

The Big C: The Big D is Nigh

Instead of the usual 10 or 12 half-hour episodes, Showtime is sending The Big C off to the great beyond in four full-hour installments, beginning tonight—follow? Doesn’t matter; Cathy (Laura Linney) will meet her end at the bony hand of cancer or cancellation within a month, guaranteed.

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