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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Moving Musical Memorial: David Fetzer Tribute Orchestra

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David Fetzer’s music lives on past his untimely death, thanks in part to a tribute orchestra and new archive of his music.---

“Anyone who has ever encountered David Fetzer’s multifaceted creative practice will recall how utterly talented he was. Whether on the theater stage, film set, guitar, piano or at the writing desk, David’s acuity and quirkiness were something exceedingly special to witness,” wrote Cara Despain in this memorial.

Actor/musician/writer David Fetzer died Dec. 20 at the age of 30.

Friend and Mushman bandmate Camden Chamberlain describes his reaction when he heard the news: “The morning we found out about the passing of our sweet friend David Fetzer, my best friend/baby mama/bandmate, Vanessa Angulo, came over and we just spent the day together crying, remembering our times with him, listening to his music, and just generally helping each other grieve and cope.”

“I realized that day that how I've always dealt with loss is to just throw myself into music,” Chamberlain continues.

So, Angulo and Chamberlain decided to write new music in his honor. ”The idea came about as a coping mechanism and something to do to help keep from falling apart personally,” Chamberlain says. They approached everyone they knew who had ever played with Mushman to contribute. The day after the funeral, they hosted a celebration of Fetzer’s life at the studio Chamberlain owns and operates, Kitefishing Studio, and invited anyone who wanted to, to come contribute something to the songs in whatever way they wanted.

The songs can be found here. And all proceeds from their sale will benefit the Fetzer family.

“David's music deserves to be heard by anyone and everyone. He was one of the greatest artists/songwriters I've ever witnessed and been blessed to create with. Also, there is no good place to stream any of his music online that I'm aware of, so I wanted to make sure there was somewhere easy to go and listen. Listening to him sing has helped me a lot today and has always been a source of joy to me,” wrote Chamberlain to introduce the collection.

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