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Friday, January 4, 2013

Local Releases: Some Things Old, Something New

Posted By on January 4, 2013, 11:00 AM

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The past few weeks were very hit-and-miss for local releases and shows; some were last-minute, others canceled and one, I believe, had no merch for the show. And it was the holidays, so getting people out would have been a nightmare. --- That's why I put the local-release posts on pause until we got out of the tinsel- and glitter-covered mire, and start the year off right with a look back at what's recent and a look ahead at what's new for 2013. We'll start with the debut album from the Filth Lords, a three-piece punk band comprised of Alexander Ortega, Nicholas Harris and Riordan Connelly. The band have gotten some great buzz from shows over the past year, and now their efforts have come to fruition with heir debut album, Keep On Snarlin'. You can snag a copy off CD Baby for just $5.

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Next up is a little country-rock band out of Park City by the name of Junior & Transportation. I'll be honest, I don't really know a lot about these guys, but it seems they don't get out of Park City all that often. The group have been together for over five years but haven't really made a splash on the local scene beyond their hometown, which they're probably looking to chance with their latest release, a live album recorded during a show they held at Sundance 2012 titled Chalk And Roll. There's no online copy of this, so if you're looking for one, you'll have to trek it up to Park City and get one from the band in person.

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Moving on to hip-hip, last month, we saw the first full-length release from Pat Maine, who did very well with his debut EP, Nighttime Medicine, back in the fall of 2011 (if you don't count the original Kinnetik release from 2009, but let's table that). In addition to touring and promoting other works as a guest emcee, Maine has been hard at work at Kitefishing Studios putting together his first big album, Doomday Charades. This album is constructed pretty damned well with guest spots from YZE, Dusk One, Burnell Washburn and Dumb Luck, to name a few. If you're into local hip-hop, this is a must-buy. You can snag a copy off Maine's Bandcamp page for just $7.

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While we're on Bandcamp, let's look at a quietly released album from The Khaki Scouts. This Draper-based duo comprised of Meg Frampton and Nick Price formed in the summer of 2012 and have been releasing singles here and there online for the past few months. The pair picked up a few friends and hit the private studio to record their first full-length album, 12 Days. These songs were originally released one at a time from Dec. 13-25 before the album was made final. It's a nice little album and shows promise from the duo. You can download it for $10 off their Bandcamp page.

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Next on the list is a deathcore band called Consumed By Silence. The Ogden-based six-piece have actually been around for a few years, but they've mainly stuck to playing tons and tons of gigs across the Wasatch Front, with few recordings along the way. That all changed a couple of weeks ago when the group finally put out an EP titled The Tyranny Of Tradition. You can download a copy for the odd price of $5.94 off iTunes.

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Speaking of Ogden, let's talk about Sparks Fire. The pop/punk rock band (seen above, courtesy of their Facebook page) have been around about two and a half years playing to the hometown crowd at Mojos, and while they've gone through a couple of changes, they've managed to keep the spirit alive. They kind of remind me of Radio Courtesy when they were still kicking around. The band recorded their debut self-titled album a few months ago but didn't get a chance to release it until last week. There are some tracks on their website, but no link to officially buy an album online; you'll have to find the band live to snag a copy.

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Moving on to release shows, tonight we'll see Be Glad, the new full-length album from Bullets & Belles. I'd write more about it, but I don't need to because Austen Diamond did the work for me in this week's issue of City Weekly. So, I'll just say that the show is tonight at the State Room with Triggers & Slips and The Bully. Just $10, starting at 9.

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And then finally, we jump ahead to Tuesday, Jan. 8, where we'll see the latest release from SLC classic-rock band Lucid 8. The group have been together for nearly three years now in a couple of different incarnations, currently working as a five-piece. They released their self-titled debut album back in the spring of 2011 to some minor reactions but it wasn't a real stand-out album. Hopefully, that will change for the group as their sophomore release, American Eye Sore, will hit audience ears next week. You can snag a copy from the group at their release show at Urban Lounge, as they play the Lunar Music Festival along with Geppetto and Twitch Angry. Just $5, starting at 10 p.m.

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Love music, head out, buy local!

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