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Monday, December 31, 2012

Glad You Asked: New Year's Eve Edition

Dear GYA, It's really hard for me to focus on New Year's Eve right now because I can't stop thinking about how Kanye and Kim Kardashian are having a baby together.

2012 In Review, Or At Least How I Remember It

As I puffed on my handcrafted pipe, with one foot rested on a mahogany stump, my eyes gazed  into the flames of a roaring winter fire and I reminisced on one of the strangest years in recent memory.

Monday Meal: Cornish Game Hens with Pear-Lavender Glaze

Here is an easy, but elegant, recipe that would be well-suited to a New Year's Eve dinner, a tasty lunch or supper on New Year's Day. It features a glaze using Utah's Amour Spreads Pear-Lavender Jam.

Happy New Year From the Middle of the Ocean

In this week’s issue of City Weekly, we had this article about famous places to visit on New Year’s Eve.

Films for EVE

Some of the events included with the EVE wristband include select movies at both the Broadway Center Theatre and the Clark Planetarium. For showtimes at both locations, it's best to redeem tickets early, as shows sell out quickly.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year Five

For years (long before this blog ever started), one of my very best friends has worked for a local art shop and gallery, so long that the staff know who I am and I can usually walk through the place to say hello. --- The shop wasn't always an art shop and had clearly seen other owners in other capacities, some of whom had left their own mark on the old building's interior.

Friday, December 28, 2012

2012: The Do It Yourself Year

As a reporter, this year struck me as one where the do-it-your-selfers have taken their destinies in their own hands.

Glad You Asked: Weekend Edition

Dear GYA, I'm scanning the local radio stations right now and I'm noticing something a bit peculiar -- the Christmas music ... it's ... stopped.

Dead Zephyr: Week 475

The former Zephyr Club in downtown Salt Lake City, 301 S. West Temple; closed since October 2003.

Alternate Realities Roundup: 12/28

Mother Jones profiles 151 victims of mass shootings from 2012, the worst year in modern history for these violent epidemics.--- Top of the Alty World

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