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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tour Diary: The Awful Truth

Posted By on October 10, 2012, 12:00 PM

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Brent Colbert and The Awful Truth ventured out to the Northwest for a two-week tour. Colbert writes about their eight gigs and the highs and lows of life on the road.---

To be privy to the local sounds of The Awful Truth, check out this blog about the emerging band. They just released a LP, Birthright, and you can listen to some tunes and gain some insight about them over here. The band consists of Brent Colbert, Sam Burton, Cathy Foy and Nick Neihart.

Brent Colbert writes about The Awful Truth’s recent tour, which began Sept. 23 in SLC at a send-off show and ended Oct. 5:

I'm not sure what sticks out the most. Our shows were at a variety of places (houses, lofts, coffee shops, bars, venues, theaters), all in the beauty of the Northwest. It was our first time playing outside of Salt Lake City, and we played some excellent shows. These shows went better than any tour I have been on. We met a lot of kind people, gifted musicians, and weirdos (like, good wierdos). We were fed frequently and were hosted every night.


The Awful Truth at The Puget Sound in Seattle, Wash.

Olympia, Wash., was one of our favorite shows. We played a house show at a home called The Guest House with the bands Silm, AANTARTICAA and You are Plural. The love and enthusiasm of the folks in Olympia made it feel like home, not to mention the bands we played with there were amazing. Several house shows have honestly been far better than a lot of venues I have booked; maybe it has something to do with having a larger aspect of community that exists at some house shows. Everyone there is engaged in the music and seemed very supportive of each others’ efforts. While in Olympia, we got a chance to go to the Dub Narcotic Studio and K Records headquarters. We went to the back tape room and saw the original tapes of countless records we enjoy. It was a really lovely place, and somehow sticks out amongst so many other good shows.


The Awful Truth at Dub Narcotic Studio.

We played three shows in the Bay Area. We got to spend some time in Oakland, San Francisco and Petaluma. It was a really great end to the tour. The last show was at the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma, followed by a 12-hour drive back to Salt Lake City. We ended up sleeping on the side of the road somewhere in Nevada when driving was no longer an option. We made it back and being home is bittersweet. I feel like we ended this tour strong, and not defeated.

I am now headed on a solo tour and am heading East. I'm going to miss my band family and the way they have brought so many songs to life. Telling “The Awful Truth” won't be the same without them.

We'd like to thank so many for the support they have given us throughout the process of touring and putting out this record. Our hearts are full!

Band pic by Jeremi Hanson. All other photos courtesy of Brent Colbert.

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