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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Peach Treats

For those who love to have pierced ears, the idea of going to gauge earrings is kind of a double-edge sword. --- On the plus side, you get a fantastic piece of jewelry to show off that few around you are willing to go thorough to wear, but the downsides of stretching the lobe and extraordinary hygiene practices make it a hassle for many.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Local Releases: Let's Get Experimental

As we make our way into October, I'll cover the last of the September local releases that I know about, along with a show set for tonight! --- I'll start off with material that crept in under the radar, and the first is the debut EP from Wafer.

My Team's Better!

This past weekend, my basketball team went on a camping trip. While packed in around the fire, we played a little game.

Oh, Those Tricky Republicans!

Republicans in several states are dumping a voter-registration firm after discovering that the company submitted bogus forms in Florida. According to Reuters correspondent David Adams, "Election officials in Florida were scouring their records for fraudulent voter-registration forms on Friday." 

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Let's Go Eat Show

The growth in our podcast community has been picking up steam over the past year, as current and former broadcasters take to the extraterrestrial airwaves and start putting together shows they normally couldn't do on conventional radio. --- Take, for example, The Let's Go Eat Show, an interview podcast hosted by Radio From Hell co-host Bill Allred, in which he sits down with guests over a bite to eat for an in-depth and uncensored conversation about their careers and outlooks on certain topics.

Get Out of Town: Luxury Travel Deals

A great travel deal for a top-flight destination doesn't have to break the bank.

Strictly Platonic: The Best Of SLC's Craigslist Vol.4

For the love of God, Salt Lake City, your Craigslist is good. I'm not sure if there's a legitimate reason for this, other than the inversion, but one thing is certain: This city's CL posts are always pure gold.--- Therefore, I occasionally scan the depths of CL (dodging as many penises as possible) until I find a few classic Internet nuggets worth sharing.

Milton Hollstein: Gentle on My Mind

For as many years as he studied, analyzed and lectured on the field of journalism, Milt Hollstein, longtime U of U professor and journalist in his own right, today got his own story in The Salt Lake Tribune. Sadly, for those who considered him a colleague or professor, it was his obituary.

Quilt for a Cause

Quiltaholics should be sure to check out a special Quilt Show this Saturday, with proceeds going to help aid the Road Home Shelter for homeless families and individuals in Salt Lake City.--- The Road Home shelter is a haven for individuals struggling with homelessness in Salt Lake City, and the private agency is very reliant on private donations to run and maintain its emergency and more-long-term shelters, as well as case-management services for its clients.

Glad You Asked: Weekend Edition

Dear GYA, I'm pretty excited the NFL and the referees have finally reached a deal.

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