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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Alternate Realities Roundup: 8/15

Posted By on August 15, 2012, 4:58 PM

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Reporter and alternative-news rounder-upper Eric S. Peterson is on vacation this week (how un-alty), but don't worry: City Weekly still has your alternative-news fix.---

Top of the Alty World

Joel McNally of Milwaukee’s Shepherd Express says Paul Ryan’s big smile and youthful visage distract from the fact that he knows nothing about economics and his bright ideas are not so bright after all.

Western & Southern Financial Group says the century-old Anna Louise Inn—and the 57 low-income, single women who live there—is bad for their Cincinnati neighborhood. City Beat

A Colorado man who has long made illegal recreational fireworks in his home could now face up to more than 60 years in prison thanks to a post-9/11 law against possessing illegal explosives, weapons that “may cause mass destruction.” Colorado Springs Independent

BILL GATES WANTS NEW TOILETS was what CNN ran with this morning when I was at the gym, bringing to mind Bill Gates as some kind of frivolous Marie Antoinette. Despite that headline and all of the lame poop puns on other versions of the story, it’s actually a massive project to improve sanitation in developing countries.

Top of Alty Utah

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will be speaking at Utah’s Governor’s Gala next month in Salt Lake City. Christie, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and Democratic Herbert challenger Peter Cooke all oppose gay marriage. QSalt Lake

Utah will pay $21 million for this summer’s wildfires. The federal government will be kicking in $34 million. The Salt Lake Tribune

The Salvation Army soup kitchen ran out of funding a year ago and has been staffed by a group of volunteers who have created Dinner at Vinny’s, a program where community members can buy shares to fund meals. —KCPW

According to a woman who says she was raped by Greg Peterson, he threatened her by saying he could have her deported. The Salt Lake Tribune

A University of Utah professor and retired federal judge says the justice system has failed the victims of child pornography by focusing on jail sentences rather than on healing victims, and is fighting national court battles to get the producers and collectors of child porn to pay more restitution to those harmed by child porn Salt Lake City Weekly

The Broadway-style Main Street theater everyone was scratching their heads over just a couple of years ago is barreling forward, complete with a sexy artist rendition of what the theater could look like (what’s New Tower?) The Salt Lake Tribune

The Long View

Do you love Mitt Romney? Thank ABC4's Chris Vanocur. If he hadn't blown the lid on the 2002 Olympic Scandal, Mitt wouldn't have had to come save our bacon and might not have become so popular as he is in this reality. Take a quick peek into Vanocur's vault in Mitt, the Mormons & Me. —City Weekly

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