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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Alternate Realities Roundup 8/7

Posted By on August 7, 2012, 1:39 AM

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ThinkProgress reports that the recent shooting and killings at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin have been the latest incarnation of a growing trend of violence against Sikhs.---

Top of the Alty World

“Reports: Sikh Temple Shooter Was a White Supremacist, Part of Growing Trend of Anti-Sikh Violence”—ThinkProgress

Mother Jones magazine deciphers the meanings behind the Sikh-temple shooters racist tattoos.—Mother Jones.

Salon breaks down the problem with the Mitt Romney tax plan: “So with this framework in mind, what’s the problem with Romney’s plan? What it wants to do is lower taxes on each group and make up that difference by reducing the tax expenditures each group receives. But remember that he doesn’t want to touch the tax expenditures in the third set, all the ones for savings, capital gains, and dividends, which go overwhelmingly to the top one percent. So he wants to lower taxes on the one percent, and he has to make the lost revenue up by cutting a set of tax expenditures for them that largely go to either the working poor or the middle class.”—Salon.

Top of Utah

Boxes of documents about Utah’s redistricting process will remain boxed up while the Legislature weighs a request to waive a $14,000 fee the state Democratic Party would have to pay to receive the records.—KUER.

A Provo District Judge handed down an uncommon ruling, finding that Saratoga Springs Justice Court Judge Keith Stoney not only abused his discretion in jailing a woman for having her cell phone out but that his testimony in court was not “credible”—Salt Lake City Weekly.

An old photograph has surfaced of a theater-performer son of Brigham Young in drag.—Q Salt Lake.


Chris Hedges of Truthout reflects on the anniversary of the atomic bombs dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. “Hiroshima and Nagasaki had no military significance. It was a war crime for which no one was ever tried. The explosions, which marked the culmination of three centuries of physics, signaled the ascendancy of the technician and scientist as our most potent agents of death.”—Truthout.

The Long View

The Jackson Free Press takes a look at Diane Derzis, the embattled owner of Mississippi’s last standing abortion clinic that has survived myriad threats, regulations and a deadly bombing. “Despite her aura of mystique, Derzis is neither quiet nor shy. In fact, she exudes every iota of toughness one would expect out of a woman, of someone who's spent three decades advocating for abortion rights in the South. Nor is she as circumspect about having been party to over 50,000 abortions in her career as a clinic director and owner. In addition to JWHO, she owns facilities in Columbus, Ga.; Richmond, Va.; and Birmingham, Ala. Derzis is loud, flamboyant and can be brash, making her a perfect target for the forces that wish to end the practice of abortion in America. In that battle, Mississippi represents a beachhead.”—The Jackson Free Press.

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