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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Red Kool-Aid Stand: What Mike Winder learned in Tampa

With a column titled The Red Kool-Aid Stand, I need not apologize for dispensing red-state Republican viewpoints. I am a Republican, after all, attending a Republican National Convention.

PETA will have booth at Utah State Fair

Long a place to celebrate farming and the local food industry, the Utah State Fair has decided to admit a contrarian this year by agreeing to let PETA man a booth amid the blue-ribboned pigs and rabbits.--- The PETA booth will screen video narrated by Paul McCartney of criminal abuse of animals in the meat industry.

The Rose Exposed

This Saturday, the Rose Wagner Theatre will be the hotspot location for one of the biggest combined performing-arts showcases this year. --- The Rose Exposed will be a 13-hour event featuring workshops and performances from the six residential performance companies housed in the downtown theater.

Neighbors and the Rail Event Center close to a settlement

Several years ago, City Weekly reported on a fight concerning Salt Lake City residents and the Rail Event Center over noise complaints. According to a resident who has been a key player in the fight, an end finally may be in sight.---

Answers To All Of Your Midget-Wrestling-Related Questions

I was told not to write anything negative about the Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation by the show’s promoter, Jagger Lane (a former WAR Rockey Mountain champ and non-midget). Since I both fear and respect giant men with ponytails, I'd rather not end up on the wrong end of a DDT.---  So for those of you who missed the action last Friday, I think the best way to fill you in on what went down at Lumpy’s South (without pissing off Lane) is to do this in a classic Clint Eastwood Q&A format.

Dead Zephyr: Week 459

The former Zephyr Club in downtown Salt Lake City, 301 S. West Temple; closed since October 2003.

Honk and Wave for Peace Saturday!

Bring your own sign or use one provided by local peace activists to call an end to President Barack Obama’s costly wars. Participants interested in Eastwooding for peace should bring their own chairs.---

Glad You Asked: Weekend Edition

Dear GYA, Good God, it appears that the turd is finally circling the bowl. I'm so relieved MTV has finally canceled Jersey Shore.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Alternate Realities Roundup 8/31

President Barack Obama stole a little Republican Convention thunder by spontaneously taking questions over the social media site Reddit. Mother Jones provides the full transcript.---

The Awe and the Awkward of Mitt Romney's Speech

Romney delivered his speech in true robotic fashion: awkwardly in talking about human feelings, and like a cold, calculating, campaign killbot when attacking President Barack Obama’s record.--- Try as he might, Romney’s delivery of his fateful nomination speech ranged from Chuck-E-Cheese-animatronically compassionate to plain ol’ Terminator-mean.

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