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Friday, July 20, 2012

Local Releases: Quiet Albums Seep Into The Scene

Posted By on July 20, 2012, 11:59 PM

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Continuing with the massive amount of releases hitting us in July, we've got a mix of online releases, showcases and traditional releases coming out this week. --- We'll start with the debut EP from Astro Coast, a one-man ambient chillwave pop project from an unknown producer, which started roughly a year ago. Not a lot to write about this one other than a few singles released during that time, and now this EP titled Sky and Telescope. It's kinda cool; very interesting techniques applied here to what would probably be electronica songs had he put a band behind it. It's worth checking out. You can download the four-track EP on Bandcamp for free.

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Next up is the debut EP from stoner/surf pop rockers Don Juan. Not a lot to write about this group either -- a four-piece group of Provo natives, mostly playing around the area as an opening band for a lot of the rock and punk shows in town. This five-track EP titled Love Punch is kind of mellow, very much something you'd expect to be more of the surf than stoner; it's at least worth a listen. You can download a digital copy for just $4 off their Bandcamp page.

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Moving a little farther south to St. George, this month also sees the debut release from alt/garage band Quiet The Titan. The band was started by guitarist Christian Larson with nothing more than his guitar and some songs in late 2010. Over the next year, he put the band together slowly, one member at a time, until they had a complete ensemble in the fall of 2011. The band have been recording their album in sections and finally released this debut EP, We're Doing Alright, earlier this month. It feels very indie, kinda low-fi to a degree, but the most interesting piece is guitarist/singer Kyle Owens' vocals. They're very much low-key spoken; kinda hard to get a grasp on them, but clearly a standout from the rest in their own way. You can download the EP for a “name your price” tag off their Bandcamp page.

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Coming back up to SLC, we have the debut EP release from Miasm. Miasm is actually just a project from local producer/musician Jeremiah Savage. I'll be honest -- his name sounds familiar but I can't pinpoint a project that I remember. This project and the debut EP, The Dark Roads, quietly made their way onto Bandcamp a few weeks ago without much of a roar, but the recording itself is rather interesting. Very much in the space rock and shoegaze kinda realm with pieces of gloom rock, you get a very dark-sounding collection with an ambiance to it. You can download the six-track EP for just $2.

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Moving on to actual release shows, tonight will mark the debut release from Ogden-based rockers Perish Lane. Joining the group of bands with nothing much to write about, the indie hard rockers formed up in the spring of 2010 and have simply been one of those groups playing around as a mid-carder, only becoming a true headliner within the past six months. The group (seen above) have been hard at work in the studio to turn out their debut EP, Redemption. This is straight-up, power-chord-driven, excited-vocals, black-T-shirt rock with every nuance you'd expect from a description like that. You can get a copy of the release tonight as the band plays Liquid Joe's along with American Hitmen, War Eye and Merlin's Beard; just $5, starting at 7 p.m.

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And finally this Sunday, we'll see the latest release from SLC native Joel Pack. The former frontman of Broke City, which ran for roughly eight years with four albums to their name before quietly falling apart, has been busy with other projects, such as Bon Vivant, since Broke City went away. But recently, Pack has been focusing on  his solo career, and with the help of his own Rigby Road Studios cranked out an EP named after the sessions. Pack spares no measure on this effort, making sure that every single note is keyed up to perfection, not to mention cutting out all the second-guess work by doing most of the album by himself. It's at least worth checking out. You can pick up a copy Sunday night over at The Urban Lounge as Pack plays his release show with Matthew & The Hope and Antics; $5, starting at 10 p.m.


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