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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Utah Arts Festival 2012: Gail Pendergrass

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Form and function beautifully synthesize in the clay art of Portland, Ore., artist Gail Pendergrass. Pendergrass’ art, for the most part, is oriented for the kitchen, including platters, saucers, kettles, mugs, plates and bowls, etc. But where the function ends the fantasy of her form begins. ---

What is most striking about Pendergrass’ clay art is the distinctive color. While there is an extensive range of color, it also has a consistent aesthetic that is easy, soft, playful, lively, warm, gentle, delicate and fun. The wealth of this color includes soft peach, pistachio green, mango orange, ocean blue, butter yellow, coral pink, lavender, azure blue, sea foam green, watermelon red, rose pink, banana yellow and more. The palette is soothing to the eye and to mix and match this clay art will be a delightful complement to most kitchens.

Pendergrass has a degree in graphic design, and is not only expert in mixing color, but is also demanding with the structures she creates. The artist says, “I want total control over the design with the positive and negative spaces. There has to be a balance and if not, the piece is not used.”

Although Pendergrass has no conscious aims toward a particular Asian aesthetic, with this type of command for form many of the pieces have a decidedly Asian appeal. Most of the platters are flat and squared -- ideal for a spectacular sushi presentation, the teakettles would suit a quintessential tea ceremony and Pendergrass has everything one would need for a full, authentic, multicourse Asian feast. It is not incidental that Pendergrass has a backyard bamboo garden.

While you are at the Utah Arts Festival this year, it will be hard to miss booth No. 35 and the colorful clay art of Gail Pendergrass. Stop in and enjoy a stimulating experience for the senses, a chance to purchase home amenities unlike any otherand meet a warm and genuine artist who is as passionate about what she creates as she is expert.

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