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Friday, June 22, 2012

Putting the "Fun" in Athlete Fundraisers

Posted By on June 22, 2012, 6:46 PM

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What gets people excited about getting their oil changed? How about getting it changed by MLB star Dale Murphy? Yes, it seems a bit odd, but the former National League MVP will be at Bateman Mobil 1 Lube Express on Tuesday, June 26, to do exactly that. --- I am not quite sure if  having Mr. Murphy changing your oil will magically transform your car into that Maserati you always wanted, but at least you will get a chance to meet the man. In honor of this “legendary” event, I have come up with a few other ideas that certain athletes might want to try out to interact with their fans.

1. “Go Wedding Ring Shopping with Lebron James!”

Now that the King finally has his ring, why not take him along to pick out the perfect jewelry for your dearly beloved? Careful, now -- Lebron just barely won his first ring and he promised us all “not one, not two, not three …” so make sure you keep your eyes on yours at all times!

2. “Get a Tattoo with Mike Tyson!”

Who knows more about getting stylish tattoos than Mr. Tyson? Money Mike will help you pick out the perfect facial tattoo to bring out your eyes and have you looking, like, “the best ever!”

3. “Golf Lesson with Charles Barkley!”

Lucky fans get to learn about the game of golf from Sir Charles and his, er, majestic swing. Hurry and sign up, knuckleheads!

4. “Go Clothes Shopping with John Daly!”

Need a new outfit? Johnny is your man. He always seems to find a way to stylishly stand out, and shopping with him will guarantee you are setting a new trend. Neon is in this year, right?

5. “Acting Lessons with Christiano Ronaldo!”

We all know some of the best on-screen acting can be seen during an international soccer match, and Ronaldo will make sure you win the Oscar. Flopping? Crying? Complaining? Celebrations? By the end of this course, you will be well on your way to being the next Denzel.

6. “Weight Lifting with Barry Bonds!”

In less than a week, Mr. Bonds will have you lookin’ like the hulk. Get trained in bench, squat, shoulder raises, dead lifts, steroid use/needle injection, and curls.

7. “Go to the Dentist with Alexander Ovechkin!”

Who knows more about where to get great dental work than a hockey star? Duh, nobody. Ovechkin’s gap-toothed smile is sure to brighten the room as you get that new porcelain veneer. Remember to floss!

8. “Get a Beer with Metta World Peace!”

Bottom line, the dude is wild. And who wouldn’t want to hit the bar scene with the Artest formerly known as Ron.? Just be careful not to spill any beer on him ...

9. “Gun Safety Classes with Plaxico Burress!”

Everyone needs to know how to safely handle their weapon, and who better to guide you through the safety steps than Plaxico? That is, if he doesn’t shoot himself during the demonstration…

10. “Tour the Dinosaur Museum with Chris Bosh!”

OK, so you wouldn’t actually have to go to the museum, you just have to go to his house and observe the human velociraptor in his natural environment. Still, you’re in for an event-filled day! I heard he really likes champagne.

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