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Saturday, June 30, 2012

In The Loop: 6/30/12. Insert Generic Patriotic Response... Here

Hello to all you fireworks-lighting, fire-starting, independence-celebrating, judge-hating, politics-observing, BBQ-ing, what-the-fuck-is-this-weekend-about enthusiasts. --- As you read this today, I'll be sitting at a pre-holiday party, pretending that the rest of the world is a barren wasteland of deserts and toxic fumes and dead plant life, except for the backyard I'm in as I drink and enjoy the company of those who happened to find their way to the area ... and maybe the neighbors because they don't call the cops.

All About the Vagina

I must admit: When it comes to the vagina, I have very little expertise. Less than most men, actually.

Friday, June 29, 2012

What Do You Mean You Can't Text And Drive? LOL!

When I was a teenager, my dad didn’t trust me to use the DVD player let alone operate a car. In fact, the day I got my driver’s license he said to me, “A car is like a guided missile.

Elizabeth Smart helps launch new locator app

Fame born out of tragedy can be a tricky subject to manage. But Elizabeth Smart's journey, from the kidnap victim of a would-be-prophet rapist to a Good Morning America contributor and now app promoter has its own particularly unique trajectory.

TV Weekend: XIII, Bigfoot, Weeds, Episodes, Shark Wranglers

What’s new on the magic rectangle this weekend: XIII (Reelz, tonight) Series Debut: The Reelz channel—just try and find it—debuts XIII, a mystery-conspiracy drama starring Stuart Townsend and Aisha Tyler, tonight.

Draft Day Grades

After watching all four grueling hours of the NBA Draft, with the help of two fellow college-basketball players and hoops fanatics (Stallon Saldivar [@steeeezyFbaby], and Parker Swope [@pswope11]), I pulled out my red pen and gave each team their 2012 Draft grade. Here are the results, and spit out your gum!---

Glad You Asked: Weekend Edition

Dear GYA, I can't believe I didn't make England's Olympic soccer team. I'm a little bummed because I've been training all year for this.

Dead Zephyr: Week 450

The former Zephyr Club in downtown Salt Lake City, 301 S. West Temple; closed since October 2003.---

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare Side Effects: Healthcare Experts Discuss SCOTUS Ruling

Richard Mckeown, a co-founder along with former Health and Human Services Secretary and former governor of Utah Michael Leavitt, explained the way some conservatives were reacting to the surprise decision by the United States Supreme Court to uphold President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act by likening it to a bear attack.--- “What you ought to do if you encounter a bear is to act big, raise your arms and back away slowly,” Mckeown said at the forum Thursday.

When Do We Panic?

Tuesday night's news was dominated by fires and the horrific murder of a 6-year-old girl whose body turned up in a West Jordan canal, just yards from the home from which she had been abducted. What caught my eye—or rather my ear—about this particular news story was an intriguing statement by West Jordan's Chief of Police, Doug Diamond.

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