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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alternative Realities Roundup 5/8

Posted By on May 8, 2012, 9:14 AM

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Economic experts rate Mitt Romney’s claim that, under Obama, the government will “control half the economy,” as a sound byte that falls somewhere between “ridiculous” and “stupid” on the scale of fear tactics, according to Mother Jones Magazine.---

Top of the Alty Nation

“Romney’s Biggest Fib?” fact checks a recent claim by Romney stoking fear of the Obama administration’s health-care program taking over the economy.—Mother Jones.

California’s medical-marijuana dispensaries are seeing more pushback from the federal government, that may only get worse in the future.—The North Bay Bohemian.

A Texas man’s battle with the Environmental Protection Agency could have lasting consequences for the future of fracking.—Texas Observer.

In other fracktastic news, Democracy Now! hosts Pulitzer prize-winning author Steve Coll to talk about his book about Exxon Mobile and the role the company’s fracking lobbyists will have in the next election, as well as the company’s controversial business practices in Afghanistan and Indonesia.—Democracy Now!

Top of Alty Utah

More than 100 people gathered in Ogden last week at a candlelight vigil for a young gay man who recently took his life. Speakers offered a message of hope for gay youth facing bullying.—Q Salt Lake.

Several Utah companies skirt FDA regulations by promoting “all natural” hormone therapy treatments for women, even though the claims aren’t backed up by science of clinical testing.—Salt Lake City Weekly.

The Federal Trade Commission recently won a court battle against several fraudulent companies that used to operate call centers out of Utah and are now seeking $450 million in damages.—Salt Lake City Weekly.

KCPW talks about the status of student-loan debt for Utah college grads and hosts University of Utah professor Nicholas Hillman and Dave Buhler with the Utah System of Higher Education to talk about the high costs of higher education.—KCPW

Rantosphere: One Utah blogger, Glenden Brown, discusses the war on drugs and a clean-needle center in Canada, and why, “It’s time we stopped pretending we can jail everyone who's ever smoked a joint and think that we’ve solved the problem of drugs.”—One Utah.

The Long View: From CW’s cover out on Salt Lake City’s growing comedy scene.

“Gay comic Brett Hodson reveals why he’s looking forward to all the closeted Mormons coming to town for the upcoming conference weekend: ‘Nothing works better as lube than shameful, shameful tears.’”—Salt Lake City Weekly.


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