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Thursday, February 2, 2012

CWMA on the rocks: What to drink, where and why

Posted By on February 2, 2012, 11:16 AM

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If you’re wondering what the best drink pairings are for each of the 13 bands during the first weekend of the City Weekly Music Awards, we’ve got you covered.---

These little concoctions come from Drinkify, a Website that generates the perfect (or, sometimes, awkwardly unperfect) drink for most musical artists that a music lover might query. The Website was designed by Hannah Donovan, Lindsay Eyin and Matthew Ogle in 24 hours as part of Music Hack Day Boston 2011. To come up with such libations, it relies on, for terms/genres of each artists and audio summaries of that artist’s top tracks, and for artwork, spellings, etc. 

Enough of the how it works and on to the drinks! Here’s a rundown of what to drink at each showcase during each band/artist.

Friday, Feb. 3
Burt's Tiki Lounge: Pablo Blaqk, The Trappers, Bronco
“The Pablo Blaqk” is a combination of one bottle chilli pepper vodka and 1 bottle Rose’s lime juice, mixed and served in a highball.

Probably the most fitting match that I've found,“The Trappers” is 4 oz. moonshine, 4 oz. bitters, 8 oz. tequila anejo, shaken and strained into a cocktail glass.

Unfortunately, “The Bronco” isn’t for our local alt-country band, but I would suggest some form of whiskey ... and in great quantities.

Wasted Space: Dusk One, The Numbs, Burnell Washburn There is not a “Dusk One” or “Burnell Washburn," but PBR always seems like a good option at Wasted Space.

“The Numbs” is 1 oz. rum (hey, that’s perfect for Utah liquor laws), served on the rocks with an olive (eww!).

Saturday, Feb. 4
The State Room: Ryan Tanner, Holy Water Buffalo, Fictionist

If there were a “Ryan Tanner” for The State Room, it would have to be one pint of a dark porter on draft: It’s meant for sippin’ and reflectin’.

What might be the grossest drink to consume all night, “The Holy Water Buffalo” is 2 oz. Havana Club dark rum shaken with 2 oz. milk and served in a cocktail glass.Normally I wouldn’t say that short sets by the mighty Heber rockers Holy Water Buffalo are a good thing, but if you’re drinking these, they might be.

“The Fictionist” is 12 oz. Kaoliang, 12 oz. Nordic Mist and 4 oz. Damson gin shaken, strained and served. Now, that’s a big drink for a big band that just signed to a big record label (And, by the way, do the boys of Fictionist even drink?).

Velour: Folka Dots, The Mighty Sequoyah, Isaac Russell, The Moth & The Flame

OK, so you can’t technically drink at Velour, it being an all-ages club and all, but, hell, you can pre-party if you wanna.

“The Folka Dots” is 2 oz. Pernod served neat with a cucumber garnish. I’d also recommend an alternative of a tall glass of iced sweet Southern-style tea.

“The Mighty Sequoyah” is 6 oz. microbrew served neat with an umbrella (?!).

The 20-year-old Isaac Russell gets quite the eclectic concoction: 2 oz. “fucking” rum, 2 oz. Club-Mate and 8 oz. ice cream served in a highball.

There is not a drink for The Moth & The Flame, but, hey, how about a Dark & Stormy?

We hope this helps with at least one dilemma during your CWMA weekend. Now, for the toughest part: who to vote for?


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