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Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Halloween Hip-hop Album from Gwop Ghettas

GWOP Ghettas Productions is offering up a free album download to commemorate their Halloween tour—from Boise, Salt Lake City and Reno.--- The soundtrack is courtesy of members of the HH Alliance, Gwop Ghettas (Salt Lake City) and The Establishment (Boise) and features indie artists The Commission, Yung Verb, Venomous Ink, 50 Cal, and more.

Concert Review: Head For The Hills at The State Room

Fort Collins four-piece bluegrass outfit Head for the Hills came to the State Room on Friday, which was an enticing treat before folks would be going door to door a few days later, looking for tricks, by comparison.--- This was the first stop on their trek to Oregon before heading back to work on their third full-length studio release.

Real Scary: Horror Movies Based in This World

Are scary movies based in this world more unsettling than their supernatural counterparts? On Halloween, Americans flock to their Netflix queues, libraries and few remaining retail video stores for something scary—usually involving monsters, ghosts or seemingly immortal knife-wielding killers.

The Biased Biologist: Mapping Climate Change

The Union of Concerned Scientists has put together a Google Maps-based Climate Hot Map that isolates and elaborates on environmental impacts of climate change. --- Not only does it let you sort incidents, but each incident is nicely cited with scientific literature on its detail pages.

First Listen: Max Pain & The Spookies Live From Hell

Max Pain & The Groovies—under the moniker, The Spookies—release their Halloween-themed EP on YouTube today. Listen to it here.---

TV Tonight: HIMYM, Ghost Hunters, Bad Girls Club, Rock Center

What’s new tonight: How I Met Your Mother (CBS) Halloween Episode: Katie Holmes guests as the legen … wait for it … dary “Slutty Pumpkin” that Ted’s been whining about losing for six seasons now.

Lounge Act Monday: Halloween Hootenannys, all night long

Hmm, how to celebrate Halloween when it falls on a Monday? I'd suggest treating it like the weekend.

Monday Meal: Shoestring (AKA Julienne) Fries

When I was a kid, my favorite snack was shoestring potatoes. I don't remember the brand, but they came in tall, cylindrical, cardboard cans.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nic Annette Miller

Nic Annette Miller has become one of SLC's most prominent print artists, simply by putting her works in a very different setting. --- Miller took her black-and-white animal designs and applied them to woodcuts, ranging from small magnets to life-size recreations, which have been making their way around the city to shops and businesses as decoration and lively art.

How to Protect the Children From Halloween Fun

Shelby Cross wants to save your children from real monsters this Halloween. In her "Cross Examination" segment, the Onion News Network correspondent (portrayed in all her unhinged glory by brilliant U of U theater-department alum Klea Blackhurst) says, "It is time to stop gift-wrapping our children and hand-delivering them to the predators among us!" And, by the simple expedient of some sedative-laced candy, Cross shows how she was able to rescue an entire neighborhood of potential trick-or-treating victims from the looming pedophile threat: Shelby Cross Teaches Us How To Protect Our Children On Halloween, A.K.A. The Pedophiles' Christmas

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