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Thursday, June 2, 2011

'American Idol' Music Is Unhealthy and Abusive

Posted By on June 2, 2011, 9:00 AM

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At last, somebody who gets it.---

In his recent letter to the Trib's Public Forum, Sandy resident Merlin Ross dared say what many of us have been thinking for years:

"I was shockingly abused by much of the emotionally unhealthy music presented during the show, and by all the immodesty and erotic dancing. I hope Americans realize that immodesty is visual profanity."

I, too, feel abused and emotionally unhealthy whenever I hear the kind of watered-down, corporate-sanitized, adult-contemporary schlock that passes for music on American Idol. Every season is like listening to 1,500 slightly different versions of "Wind Beneath My Wings." It's all well and good the first few dozen times, but after awhile, the razor blades have to come out.

Of course, as a non-viewer, I'm not sure exactly what Ross means by "visual profanity" -- maybe it's got something to do with all that hair gel they use.

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