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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

U2 Madness Part II: Is That Bono's Limo?

Posted By on May 25, 2011, 8:00 AM

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From our vantage point on the roof, Dave & I commented as audience members exited from the Rice-Eccles Stadium after the big U2 concert Tuesday evening.---

I managed to edit the resulting video down to 15 minutes -- which, in Internet time, is something like a thousand years. Still, if you've got a quarter hour of free time to spend, I think this could be your ticket right here. In addition to some puzzled heckling involving sidewalk pedestrians, it contains many surprises.

For one thing: I can't believe my voice sounds so totally gay! (Do I really sound like that, or is it just a quirk of the camera microphone? Please let me know in the comments section.)

Also, at one point, you can actually hear me saying, "Wow, look at all this traffic. It's crazy, man!" (Like, wow, dude! I guess I really am some kind of gay hippie freak. Quelle surprise.)

For another thing, as it turns out, the stretch limo across the street could actually be leased to Bono himself! Video includes live footage of the limo driver getting the call to pick up his passengers. Does he actually make the U-turn on University Street with his big-ass limousine, or does he end up having to go around the block?

Watch and find out!

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