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Friday, April 15, 2011

Tony Holiday in Utah again

Posted on April 15, 2011, 4:20 PM

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Tony Holiday, as promised, is returning to Utah to do a string of shows. Holiday, blues guitarist and front man for the Velvetones, recently moved away from Salt Lake to follow his dream.--- He is criss-crossing the country and is making his way back to Utah. I caught him before making his trip back to Salt Lake to have this conversation.

City Weekly: You recently moved away from Salt Lake City to pursue touring the circuit in the south and east, what are you after?

Tony Holiday: I recently moved to find a few new sounds. I found some hungry young players that are itchin’ to travel and love soul, funk and of course blues music. We have Texas style blues as a common ground.

CW: You mentioned playing a show with Charlie Daniels.

TH: We got invited to play with Charlie Daniels and .38 Special and six or seven other local Georgia/Carolina bands in Valdosta, Georgia at a theme park. Great show! We got offered to do a string of shows but I didn’t have a solid crew at that point to hit the road. I've played with the Charlie Daniels Band and Marshal Tucker Survivors about two years prior in Tennessee so hopefully the opportunity will arise again.

CW: What has been your greatest success so far on the road?

TH: I would say my greatest success on the road would be learning from different players, actually listening and learning from guitar/harmonica players who have been around a long time and take the time to pass on some sugar.

CW: Where will your path lead to next?

TH: [I] find out my path as I go, so I don't know exact details of the future but I will be coming back through Salt Lake once every six to eight weeks and I will be playing Desert Rocks, Uncle Uncannys, and other events throughout the summer. I am going to continue to play stone cold blues until I physically can't.

CW: You’re living and touring down south. What does the term, southern hospitality, mean to you?

TH: Southern hospitality has been very good to us although we haven’t had to couch surf too much. Timmi Cruz (local Utah musician) hooked us up with Taylor Martin (North Carolina musician) and we got connected into a place. We found a big southern home split up into apartments and moved in. The next day I went to a jam and found my band.....southern hospitality...

CW: Now you're coming back to Utah for a string of gigs. Who will you be playing with? What will your set be like?

TH: I am coming back to Utah from April 13-26th. I am playing with several of my favorite folks. Of course, the heart of the band, Steve Edwards and Mike Crandall [on drums and bass respectively]. Sitting in on keys, Mr. Rick Gerber; also Jeremiah Maxey Ben Jennings Lacey Johnson on some fiddle, and Moonshine Gomez on some vocals. I will be playing shows with Blues 66, Timmi Cruz, and Lorin Cook. My set will be influenced by a new sound I have been working on. Influenced by Billie Preston I have been covering his tunes and also been finding some sweet gospel-soul melodies influenced by some of the locals here like Peggy Ratusz and Taylor Martin and Woody Pines!

CW: Are you writing new material?

TH: I have been writing every chance I get. I have a little acoustic Martin named, "Carlos", that is quite compact and I am able to write all my songs on it. I usually write poems and lyrics for a spell and then I will write a bunch of riffs and vocal lines and see what goes together. There is a lot a porch pickin’ goin on so a substantial amount of creativity has come from that.

CW: Anything else you want our readers to know?

TH: All in all I want to say thanks to everyone in Utah who has been in bands with me and helped me play shows and meet the people I've met in the music scene. I will continue to come back and play Stone Cold Blues for the blues lovers. I can't wait to see everyone!

Upcoming Gigs:

The Hog Wallow Pub Friday, April 15

The Green Pig Pub Saturday, April 16

Fats Bar and Grill Friday, April 22

Johnny’s on Second Saturday, April 23

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