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Saturday, March 12, 2011

In The Loop: 3/12/11. Podcasting Art For The Irish

Posted By on March 12, 2011, 2:06 PM

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Hello to all you green shirt wearing, beer swigging, wagon jumping, bar hoping, parade watching, accent puking, faux Irish enthusiasts. As someone who actually is Irish, I could care less. If pretending to be one of us (after your ancestors spent years considering our people to be the bottom of American society) makes you feel awesome, good for you. Aside the standard plea to drink responsibly, I'd like to remind each and every one of you that drinking on St. Patrick's Day is amateur night at its finest. Right up there with getting wasted on New Year's Eve and coming out to your family at Thanksgiving. If you feel you “have” to do it because its some kind of bastardized tradition we've adopted in this country, then make sure they at least stamp the word “Sheep” on your hand at the door. In lieu of a 337 Wall update, here's some random street art.

--- As quick a turnaround as you'll find anywhere (except probably the Trib since it was right outside their window), we have over 200 photos from this year's St Patrick's Day Parade held this morning. No rain or snow this year, originally we started out behind a cover band playing U2 hits, but then got behind a more traditional one which was far more fun to watch them circle up and play up the crowd. You can check out shots of everyone getting ready, and then my first-hand perspective as the rest of the City Weekly crew made our way down the route, by checking out the freshly posted album over here! ...Oh, and Alana, that silly string incident on 1st South will not go unanswered...

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Moving onto news, those of you into the local press may have heard of this new publication called Revolv Magazine. It came out in January with a glossy look and some decent articles, along with a lot of material that made it appear like a national publication. I can't recall the last time anyone printed a single page highlighting a fashion trend with just a name and price. You only find that kind of junk in them fancy magazines at the dentist's office. Well... you can probably kiss that shit goodbye because it appears after only ONE issue, the magazine has already folded! Scattered reports from several writers involved with the publication on a freelance basis have let it be known in the community that there has been absolutely no contact with the paper's editor, Shane Gosdis, and that they should avoid trying to do work with him. Along with the fact that no issues were published for February or March, its almost assured that unless they're going seasonal, they're done. The 2011 zine picked up a lot of buzz with its first issue and presence in the city back in December and followed that up at Sundance, but went quiet shortly after the festival began. Looks like those of you with a copy of the first issue currently have a small collectors item.
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On a side note for news, and I'll end up hating myself for doing this too... STOP giving free exposure to Chris Buttars and his departure. That asshole is the biggest blotch on localized government we've had serving in office since the days of segregation. I don't even want to run down the list of bills and proposals he had passed, let alone brought to the floor, I'm sure someone more qualified will do that in next week's issue. But every, single, time, you guys post on Facebook or Twitter about him resigning, all you're doing is reminding everyone of his legacy and the horseshit we all had to live with. If anything he should serve as an example of what happens when people in power go unchecked, and all his “accomplishments” should be categorized under a single term: Caustic Politics. He's gone, let him go.
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Moving along to events, Gallery Stroll will be happening this coming Friday, and I'd like to point out one specific show from our friends over at Blonde Grizzly. All the time I get asked “who are some artists I should look for?” Well if you'd like a hearty sampling of what SLC has to offer, check out their gallery this Friday as they'll be having a “No Rules” show. Simply put, there is no theme, its whatever the artists feel like putting on the wall that they'd like to feature. A mighty fine lineup of established names and a who's who of newcomers. Definitely worth dropping in during Stroll!
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Meanwhile next Saturday is the highly anticipated arrival of Philadelphia’s popular podcast, “The Mediocre Show”. The show has had a strong following in Utah and to commemorate that loyalty and fandom, the trio will be arriving in SLC to take over Brewvies Cinema Pub along with the “Geek Show Podcast” to record three episodes live in front of a theatre-wide audience, followed up by a party/release show at Burt's Tiki Lounge headlined by our own Top Dead Celebrity. Those of you wishing to get in on the show, please know that you need to buy tickets in advance to attend, this is not a free event like Geek Show usually holds. Essentially the tickets are paying for the three to fly out and back two days later. As of the moment this post was written and put online, there are 33 tickets remaining, so click this link here to purchase your ticket and get info about the show and afterparty.

Coming up next Friday, you've waited for it for six long months and its finally arrived with somewhat convoluted weather, the spring open house for Poor Yorick Studios! If you've never been, take the opportunity and check out some of SLC's best artists and their works. The whole event is free to the public as you get to head in and check out several rooms worth of material over three buildings and connected hallways. Some available for purchase. Definitely worth checking out.

As for the blog... we'll check out a local skate shop, hit up a local concert, visit Gallery Stroll, visit a shop down in Spanish Fork, talk with a graffiti artist and examine the work of a localized film fest winner. At least that's the plan, last week had some things go awry, making 2011 very unpredictable right now. As always, we'll see what happens.

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