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Friday, March 4, 2011

Local Releases: Catching Up & One Logan Show

Posted By on March 4, 2011, 8:08 AM

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Got a lot of ground to cover today for local releases, two without shows, two that crept in without fanfare, and a release show up north. --- Starting off with a couple cassette tape releases no less. The first from Chthonic Records, a tape we're going to call 4-Way Split, since its been divided between four musicians. 6335, dBpm, Silver Antlers and Transcode. Apparently the four decided to contribute a single track each in a very unique recording. To add to that, they're doing a limited run of FORTY. ...No real reason given behind the number, but if you're into any of these groups then I highly suggest you grab a copy. Its just $5 and comes with a digital download, you can purchase the album here.

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Next up is the latest release from WYLD WYZRDZ, the side project of Braden J. McKenna, who has been relatively quiet as of late on this front. The last we saw of the WW was a 7” split Antelope Island with Stag Hare, and rumors of a 12” full-length titled Free Magick have been going around with no official release date, but this release just seemed to happen with little fanfare. Kinda makes you wonder what's really going on with this project. The cassette titled Positive Texture has two songs, both collaborations Andrew Alba and Stag Hare, respectfully. Its $6 and the only place you can get it on Mooondial's webiste, over here. With any luck we'll see that full-length soon!
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Moving onto material that flew in under the radar, next up is a release from Provo duo The Neighbors. Technically both Adam and Rachel are Michigan imports, but they moved to Utah and apparently fell in love with the music scene, so for now they're sticking around we're happy to call them ours. Last month they released a six-track self-titled EP that, aside from CDBaby on the net, you can only find at Slowtrain and Velour. A pretty decent album with catchy piano ballads and the two synched in harmony, its worth at least checking out online to see if they're your kind of band.
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On the other side of the spectrum the three-piece hurricane that is Handicapitalist have an EP out as well. The newly formed punk band recorded five tracks of their best material, some of it going less than :90 seconds, and hammered out a one-day recording in the back of Raunch Records back in December. They released their EP titled Number One early last month, and only gave Raunch copies of the record making their store the exclusive source. If you're looking for a genuine “punk” album, this is your best bet. There's no real cover for me to post, so here's a picture of the group.

Finally we come to our first (and only) official release of the week from Logan based rockers American Attic. And wouldn't you know it, in standard Utah-band fashion, the one group with a formal release show is the one who we know jack-shit about. Seriously, how many times have we brought this up in these blog entries? If you're a band, and you want people to come to your shows, at some point in time you need to promote yourselves. Why bands choose to half-ass it and assume everyone will "find them in the ether" is beyond me. Didn't help that they refused to respond to email or Facebook messages, so I have no idea what to really say about this group. You can check their release show for the unknown album out tonight up in Logan at WhySound, supposedly playing with Beta Chicks, Chucks and our old friends Bearcats. Just $5 at 8PM. I don't have an album cover (because they didn't post one), so to show you how little they give a damn about their own music, here's the main photo they have on their Facebook band-page as of this post.
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Awesome job guys. ...Head out, love music, buy local!

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