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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sundance 2011: Audience Favorites So Far

Posted By on January 26, 2011, 7:02 PM

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City Weekly took it to the street on Tuesday night at the Broadway Cinema to ask movies lovers what their favorite Sundance film has been so far.--- Surprisingly, there were a couple of repeats. If you have a favorite, post a comment at the bottom of this blog. And check back for movie reviews and general Sundance coverage.

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Patrick Kiser, 31, Salt Lake City
If a Tree Falls
“It’s a documentary about the Earth Liberation Front and a series of arsons they undertook as a response to environmental destruction. It had a strong story, cool people that you got to know, and the footage was compelling.”

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Michelle Zimmerman, 24, Salt Lake City
The Music Never Stopped
“I thought the story was inspirational. You got to see the extent of what people can overcome. The lead had a brain tumor and couldn’t remember anything, but the music brought him back. It had songs from people like Grateful Dead and The Beatles.”

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Tanner Leishman, 24, Salt Lake City
“It is a kind of documentary that you don’t normally see—F1 Formula racing. It was about this guys life as a winning driver. He died while racing while he was the best.”

Rachel Leishman, 23, Salt Lake City
If a Tree Falls
“I thought it was thought provoking, kind of outside the box. I liked that it didn’t give you the answers; it was fair and showed both sides of the story.”

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Desiree Rinker, 42, Salt Lake City
Old Cats
“I’ve only seen one movie so far and it was the worst ever. While I found it interesting about an older generation, it was painfully slow. Well, maybe it was good because it portrayed being old. I don’t know. I think The Woods is going to be great though.”

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Aaron Webb, 28, Salt Lake City
And The Music Never Stopped
“I’m a music teacher,, so I identified with it. I loved all the classic rock, too. I expeccted it to be depressing, but it was uplifting. Oh, and it was funny, too. It’s my favorite after about 13 so far.”

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