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Friday, December 24, 2010

Its A Continentals Christmas, City Weekly!

Posted By on December 24, 2010, 4:15 AM

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Hello to all you Christmas Eve readers, for it is I, the Bloggist of Christmas Prologue. Tomorrow... is probably gonna be alright. Its been fun for me watching a number of people pull their hair out over trying to get everything finished in time. Which if you think about it... its total bullshit. This holiday starts in mid-September these days, anyone who can't finish Christmas shopping before December 15th should wear a tin foil hat, so those looking to mark items up and make back what they lost in overstocking can see you coming. To be honest, journalists or writers of any ilk trying to push out something for the holidays as a time of family, reflection and giving, it always reads a little forced. So instead, here's my own honest and blunt take on the holiday for myself this year.

--- Incidentally, that plant, not a fabrication. That's the actual fake plant in my apartment lit up. Without hammering the idea home, prior to not having a gig, I used to cover holiday shifts for employees every year who had families to be with, as I myself am single with no where in particular to be that day. Might as well make double overtime and make someone happy, right? So this year I feel a bit out of place. Oh sure, I could go watch all the Christmas episodes I have on DVD all over again, plus some new ones I picked up along the way. Did anyone else see the claymation episode of “Community”? Is anyone besides Bill Frost and myself
watching the show “Community”?

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But its just not the same having what I would call “forced free-time”, where its almost a chore to some extent. More than likely, if you're around downtown SLC on Saturday during the day, you may catch me just walking around for the fun of it. And its not to say I have nothing to do, there's friends and family to call and a dinner to be at, plus I'm sure at some point in time one of a dozen different people will decide that Saturday is a great night to get drunk at someone's place. Most likely over a viewing of Cinematic Titanic's re-riffing of “Santa Claus Conquers The Martians”.
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But at the same time it felt a tad off... until late last night. I just got home after watching True Grit with my buddy Tony, still not really knowing what I was going to put into this blog entry today, and opened up the email to find two letters from very different people. Both were holiday wish letters with a few positive notes and some fist shaking attached. And with all the frustration and turmoil and just being on absolute overdrive the past month, I totally forgot how many people, both readers and friends alike were totally sending me their best. After the first two weeks, when December clicked over, I made the decision that Christmas was on hold for myself. I got those closest to me what I could and didn't really spend anything for me, or expect anyone to get me anything. But that's okay because all this month I've gotten nothing but unconditional love and support from people who care. ...And that's a far better gift. But let's avoid taking this completely down the mushy route and get to the heart of this blog entry.

Much like last year, I have a little something for those of you reading today. This past December I briefly touched on the subject, now I can fully talk about it. Ever since 2004 I pitched to 2News that we should take an entire segment in our 10PM newscast on Christmas Day and just have a musical guest play. No interlude, no dumbass graphics, no talent looking awkward on the side, no leading to the break, no last-minute advertizing banners or news tickers. Just a simple music spot for four minutes, something jazzy-holiday themed, or at least music filled with spirit. The idea being that it would be a gift to the viewing audience who graciously decided to tune into our station on a night where they could be doing dozens of other things. It was actually praised as being a great idea by several staff including the former General Manager and a News Director. So naturally, it never the made air. ...Last year we had a video from the Daniel Day Trio which a lot of you liked, and because of that, I'm going to turn it into a tradition for however long this blog lasts. With that said... ladies and gentlemen, performing a live rendition of their song “Avalanche Feet” that was specially recorded for City Weekly as an early Christmas gift to you, The Continentals.

Merry Christmas, have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you back here Sunday.

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