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Saturday, December 18, 2010

In The Loop: 12/18/10. Extended Unemployment

Posted By on December 18, 2010, 8:42 AM

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Hello to all you gift shopping, present wrapping, light hanging, tree decorating, aisle scanning, carol practicing, obsessed Christmas enthusiasts. While most everyone is looking over the holiday festivities and attending a different party almost every night of the week (up to seven as of this morning for myself), I'm still on the jobhunt. This week alone I received three “we're sorry” letters from the same company within a five minute span of each other. Didn't even set up an interview prior to, probably because they already wanted to promote from within and kill the job below it, but by law were required to post them for thirty days. ...The day I finally have a gig to pay my rent and bills, I've got a ton of “Get Fucked” cards that need mailing out. And of course, if you'd like this kind of bright and shining personality at your company, I'm still available. In the meantime, still no 337 updates, so let's look at more random street art I have saved up. Though this one I held onto for a while because I couldn't tell if parts were ripped down, or if this is in fact the complete piece.

--- If you haven't heard the news yet, the City Weekly Music Awards are on the way in February! And aside the mountain of angry emails we're sure to get from musicians and bands for not being included, we're pretty confident this year will probably be one of the most exciting competitions in years. But you'll read more on that next month. Right now we're gearing up for our DJ Spin-Off happening on February 2nd
 at W Lounge. Click on this link here and vote for your favorite DJ (or click the Discuss button and vote for who should have been added) before January 10th. The top five will go on to compete throughout the night for your votes. Last year was an awesome showcase with Chase One-Two walking out the winner. Who will be fighting for the 2011 crown this year depends on you. Go vote.

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Keeping to music, if you didn't get a chance to read Julianna Clay's post this week, Velour has been firing off on full force this month. We went down to judge their Battle Of The Bands competition last week and walked out impressed on every front. The bands had a very awesome showcase, the audience was into it and very kind to us, the staff who were extra helpful. A special thanks to those who put up with my photo taking and didn't fight me for space up front. All around a very cool vibe for an all-ages venue. And they're not stopping before 2011 clicks over. Starting yesterday night they've got a two-night Christmas musical showcase (featuring many of the bands involved with BOTB) performing rock and acoustical sets for all. Just take a look at the fifteen people coming to play tonight's lineup and tell me that isn't worth $5. Plus, they've got a specially produced live Christmas compilation album on the way from these shows, and hot chocolate free at the door. Head down and check them out tonight.

Or if that doesn't quite hit your musical taste, there's always the Ho Ho Ho Christmas Disco. This year marks their eight annual event, this time being held over at Bass Camp (2904 West 500 South) with one hell of a lineup. Two stages with everything from a Beatles cover band to dance performances to DJ's. Include Illoom, Snipes, Artifax, Revolver, EbenFlow, NastyNasty, Low Pass, Dirty Dutch Brothers and more! Presale is gone so now you're stuck with a $20 ticket at the door, but its a packed show with wall-to-wall entertainment and over twenty performers, so at least its worth the price. At the moment they don't have a better picture to send out, so pardon the grain. 

Speaking of events, they're really cranking them out next week before everything turns into a New Year's Eve celebration. So let's discuss a few. First up on the 23rd, Club Edge will play host to the 4th Annual Evolvies Award Show. I know, some of you are asking "what the hell is an Evolvie?" To be honest... we really don't know what the fuck it is or what its supposed to be recognizing either. It could be DJ's or dancing or something involving clubbin', we just don't know and the people behind it aren't too clear about it either. If you'd like to figure it out and let us know later, show starts at 7PM on Thursday night with a pretty decent set of DJ's holding stage.

Or perhaps a taste of goth? Anyone in the room remember Confetti? For those who may not recall it was one of the first goth/industrial clubs in town, before Area 51 picked up steam and everyone started mixing Nine Inch Nails into everything. And one of the few allowing teenagers in so high schoolers and early college kids could get in on the nightlife. Heavy smoking club too, one particular memory that sticks out in my mind is coming back at 2AM and blowing my nose to find charcoal black snot. Now that I've grossed you out, would you like to relive those old times? The Garage (1199 Beck Street) is throwing a Confetti Christmas party with throwbacks to the old venue (before it was shut down and became a Walgreens). Grab your dark clothing and join them Thursday night starting at 9PM. Since there's no official flyer for this, how about an old sign?

Not surprising, there's nothing on Christmas Eve, but if you're bored out of your mind on Christmas Day, there is a solution. The W Lounge will be throwing a "Solid Gold Reunion" party. Not many details on this one beyond the DJ's for the evening. If you're looking for a night out on a day where most everything is closed, this is your best bet.

Which brings us to the day after Christmas... Boxing Day. Not much is known about this mysterious Canadian holiday... unless you look it up on Wikipedia and find out its their "somewhat Christmas" without it being shrouded in religious ties and messages. Which is probably why we ignore it down south. But not the Geek Show Podcast crew, who have decided to take it in the literal form and are presenting two boxing movies for their monthly Movie Night at Brewvies. What's in store for you next Sunday? "Rocky III", the most hilarious of the Rocky films before it gets political and depressing. And "Teen Wolf Too", the thrilling fisticuffs sequel to the original basketball driven movie, minus anyone flashing their genitalia to the camera. Did we mention drink specials and both these films being completely free?

And while I'm sure you're going to be beaten to death with information about EVE being held downtown, for those of you who can't afford that kind of celebration outdoors, the Urban Lounge has you covered as they'll be throwing their own New Year's Party with our dear friends in Blackhole and Ted Dancin' as the DJ. There doesn't seem to be a price on this one, so we'll guess it at $5 and hope the clarify later.

Branching off from all the events and back to a bit of competition, for those of you who haven't check it out yet, Slug Magazine's "Slug Games" are currently registering people for their first event of the year. Taking over the Park City Mountain Resort on January 8th, they're looking for some of the best to come up and compete in several events. Head on over to their website to register, and we'll chat about the whole thing later on in January.

As for the blog... the final two weeks of the year are packed with as much as could be fit in with some fun along the way. We'll have a couple band interviews from a weekend concert, talk headwear with a snowboarder, hit up another local music show, chat tattoos with a prominent artist, explore a small recording studio and a couple very special posts for the holiday and a small milestone. At least that's what I'm hoping, I'm sure the holiday will present a few surprises this week. As always, we'll see what happens.

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