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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Open Container: Six Pack on the Dashboard

Posted By on September 15, 2010, 4:09 PM

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Above the Fold Ale: A new ad is up from Peter Corron NOT "attacking" Gov. Gary Herbert. --- Right? Because, after all, this is really just a video version of the "Governor For $ale" memo released last week by the Corroon campaign, and since that time, Corroon has continually denied that he is attacking Herbert. No, he says, he is only asking questions and pushing for campaign finance reform.

As I wrote yesterday, Whatever, dude.

However, the ad is a doozy. It plants a "For Sale" in front of the governor's mansion, and uses a quote from Herbert's Monday presser where he said he is "virtually unaware" of "quid pro quo" for campaign donors (video is embedded at bottom of this post). It comes on the same day that Pat Bagley dropped a hilarious political cartoon.

In short, Herbert's week is not getting any better. Thankfully, he only has to work four days, being a state employee and all.

Meanwhile, John Njord is having as bad of a week, as is UDOT generally. He got hammered yesterday and today by legislators, who hate to be "surprised." (They don't have any problem being uninformed or naive, however). Also, despite his repeated claims that UDOT gets lots of RFP protests, information released to the media last night showed that, in reality, there has been very few protests and the $13 million settlement was the only thing UDOT has paid out in the last five years. The Trib had this today in a great third day piece from Robert Gehrke.

Political Pocket Rockets: A GOP insider/activist is jailed for a warrant on a stalking charge, so the Trib digs out a picture of him looking crazy. Jonathan Bernstein takes the decoder ring to President Obama's speech to kids. The Colorado gubernatorial race is getting crazy, and the Deleware Senate race is about to get crazy (keyword: "orgy rooms"), all of which Holly on the Hill loves.

Utah Beer: ACLU barred from helping Ogden gang members (and their friends) preserve basic civil rights -- looks like it's time to have a Cowboys-In at Ogden City Hall. Drilling for uranium can continue in the Manti-La Sal National Forest. Unrelated, Herbert's energy task force hears about "green" power.

Leisure Time Lager: Matt Taibbi answers your sports questions. Mark Morford, as a true patriot, wants the Muslims off of his lawn.

Josh's Java: Ken Doctor breaks down mostly failed comparisons between the Christian Science Monitor and the Deseret News.

Weekly Weizen: Arty's 2010 are here. John Saltas is safely in Greece. My Hits & Misses: spice bans, Beer Fest, and Roy beer. Fixing legal immigration. Dan Nailen asks, "How drunk is too drunk?"

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