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Saturday, August 28, 2010

In The Loop: 8/28/10. Paxton's Angle & Other Events

Posted By on August 28, 2010, 4:30 PM

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Hello to all you Jon Paxton enthusiasts. Allow me for a bit to start today's entry off with a theory I've had for a few months now. Before I dive into it, I want to make it clear, I like Jon. Jon Paxton writes for City Weekly and SLUG, you see him about at events on occasion for X96 and other promotions, big influence and personality in our scene as a whole, and I'm lucky to be able to call him a friend. ...But his hair... There's something going on there with it, and I believe I know what's up. He will quaf and primp and shape his hair, often to one side of his head as seen below, and it always changes sides and directions, there's never a set position for it. And I think I've figured it out. When its tilted to his right, he's being professional. When tilted to the left, he's looking for women. And I believe that depending on the direction its pointed at, determines how serious he is, or what kind of action he wants that night. Its like a sundial for his personality is what I'm saying. Like, a 55 degree angle, he's looking for a shy girl with a kinky side. Or say 100 degrees he's aiming for a wild child that will make out in an hour. ...That's all I got for now, I don't really have time to track and follow him every night to run tests and prove it, mainly because City Weekly won't loan me money for the equipment. So for now I guess Paxton's Angle will remain one of our urban mysteries, like Emu's Grave or Gravity Hill.

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--- Moving onto events, if you didn't catch it last Thursday, the final Twilight Concert Series show went out with a folksy blast. The Dum Dum Girls (who sounded like a toned down Subrosa wearing shorter skirts) and She & Him closed out the festivities for the year to screaming audiences. Not as packed as Modest Mouse but pretty close as it took ten minutes to get from one side of the park to the other. I got to browse around with the press credentials and check out the VIP area. They had classy port-o-potties over there, so swank, they had flushing instructions in Japanese.

Good drinks and food throughout the event, some awesome music too as I dove down into the security pit. Where I nearly went deaf, not from the speakers but the wall of screaming girls. Zooey%uFFFD Deschanel, very big with the younger lesbian crowd. You can check out the over 200 photos from that night over here, and some added pics from our Enchantment Under The Sea afterparty at Urban Lounge here. And a big thank you to Casey Jarman and his entire crew for the series, we beg you, please keep it at Pioneer Park!

Going into art, as Brian Staker wrote up this week, (a)perture Gallery is kicking off a Local Artist Showcase tonight. A slew of artists at one of the best galleries we have in town. I was ready to write more about this, but Brian already did an awesome job, so this is just me reminding you to go! You can catch the opening at 6PM, go show the artists some love.
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Speaking of art, check out the pictures below I just received from Dave Chisholm. The trumpet wailing artist recently moved to NYC, and after a couple of conversations I was able to purchase these from him to help out with his current expenses... like buying groceries. Granted, this is an iPhone picture, but look carefully as you'll see these are the original prints from the highly praised comic Let's Go To Utah. And I'm showing you them to let you know you can get your own! Chisholm is selling all the panels (or I should say the ones he has left) to anyone who would like to buy them so he can aid himself through college. So grab your issues and
find your favorites, then shoot him a letter at to see if you can get your own copies. Sorry, cover to issue #6 is taken.

And while I'm thinking of comic book art, last Saturday I popped in to check out the 24 Hour Comic event being done by Derek Hunter and Ryan Ottley at Nobrow Coffee (which you can see photos of here), and was greeted with plywood on one of their their front windows. Apparently sometime after Stroll last week, someone took an umbrella stand and knocked the glass out of the window to rob the register. Aside the loss of money, owner Joe now has to buy a brand new pane of glass to go in. If you'd like to help out there's a tip jar inside (now being guarded by Joe) to help replace the window. The goal they're looking at is $250 and they're nearly halfway there. Drop buy and chip in if you can, and if you know who did the break in, report their sorry asses to the authorities.

Moving onto sports, its time again for another Tall Bike Joust. The awesome sport of jumping on a double-framed bike with a helmet and a PVC joust, riding toward each other trying to knock your opponent off. At every event these guys get more and more participants, at this rate its only a matter of time before they take it pro. When asked if it would be the last one of the year, the organizer wasn't sure, with only a hint that a final one may happen in October. So if you wanna join what may be the last of 2010, just head on over to the northwest corner of Liberty Park tonight on your bike and follow the group to their private location. Good luck to you.
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And after you heal up from all that tonight, join the Geek Show Podcast at Brewvies tomorrow. Starting at noon they'll be on hand to record three episodes of the show for a live audience, and then follow that up with Geek Show Movie Night where they go back to the 80's only to go back in time again. A double feature of "Back To The Future" and "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure". Not sure what they'll play first, but if you have a favorite, I'm sure you could bribe them with beer and shots to play one first.
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As for the blog... coming up the next couple of weeks we'll chat with the newest record label in town, hit up an internet radio show, chat with three very different artists, and a new "TV" station. At least that's what we're hoping, last week was all in-the-air and somehow came together. I won't lie, there was some duct tape applied. As always, we'll see what happens.

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