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Friday, August 27, 2010

Open Container: Six Pack On The Dashboard

Posted By on August 27, 2010, 5:02 PM

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"'Cause girl I got something that's gonna pull us both through / I can go to work for this jail tattoo." — Mac Pontiac, "Jailhouse Tattoo"---

Gangster Tattoos: The best thing I read today was from my CW cohort, Jesse Fruhwirth. He expands on the story the Trib has covered, about the arrest of so-called "violent felons" who are illegal immigrants. Except... not so much. Many of them are not violent, felonious or illegal. One was arrested for having what cops describe as a tattoo announcing a gang affiliation. Fruhwirth points out that we have had a similar tattoo featured in Nice Tats, and then updates with a link to a tweet from the D-News' Aaron Falk about Dick Nourse having the same tattoo. It's an interesting read, and from a technical standpoint, I like that Fruhwirth isn't shy about linking to other media outlets and expanding on their work.

Damn Feds: For those of you heading to the Take Back Utah rally tomorrow, enjoy driving on those federally-funded roads. Utah may hate the stimulus, but they love the stimulus money.

Line of Fire: It's been a rough 24 hours for cops. One was killed in Kane County, and a massive manhunt is happening. That's a place where a desert rat can flat-out disappear. In Salt Lake, a cop was shot and a man killed.

Trust Upheld: The Utah Supreme Court upheld a court-appointed trust for the FLDS properties in southern Utah. This is an incredibly complex issue, and one which Stephen Dark tackled very well late last year in this cover story.

Weekend Viewing: This 20-minute video by a reporter who embedded with a group of Taliban fighters sounds riveting, regardless of where you stand on the war (or on the Taliban). Both sides have a story to tell.

Deseret News Updates: Today, they announced more middle managers with impressive pedigrees. But what really stood out to me was the creation of Deseret Connect, which has the potential to become a Mormon HuffPost. I'll let others do the deeper analysis of this, at least for now. Meanwhile, based on Twitter traffic, Facebook messages and personal contact, it seems that many employees woke up today convinced it was their last at the paper, which wasn't true. I'd love to say that D-News execs have provided clarifications to myself or staffers, but there's been nothing beyond the continued assurances that the daily paper isn't going away. Finally, Charles Trentelmen (sic) explains why he hasn't pursued the rumors. Personally, I'm glad somebody has challenged me on my reporting. I take a lot of chances, and while I can defend them all, others can just as fairly criticize them. It's what makes journalism fun.

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