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Friday, June 11, 2010

Get your picture with Jesus

Posted By on June 11, 2010, 2:59 PM

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Proving that Utah is at the cutting edge of cheesy family portrait innovations, a new company is offering you the chance to take a photo with Jesus—or a younger, frat boy version of the savior—and then have the photo incorporated into a beautiful portrait painting.---

Kay Paintings is a Salt Lake City studio that allows you to model with a Jesus look-a-like and use that image to create an idyllic kind of green-screen fantasy image (see pictured). Perfect for the family that would like to show that they’re just that much closer to Christ by actually having a fan photo of themselves hugging the man from Nazareth himself. “Dude, guess who I got a picture with? That’s right, my main man J.C.--signed my shirt too!”

All snark aside—well that’s not true, a nominal amount of snark set aside—I really think this a great idea.But it makes me wonder how much creative control the client gets over the pose and the background?

Could I get an image of me and Jesus arm wrestling? Riding horses into a sunset? In front of the stage at a concert? Club shots? Could I get him air-brushed into my graduation photo so that he’s the one handing me my diploma?

I have so many ideas it boggles my mind. Luckily, now, I know where to turn to for answers…Kay Paintings.

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