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Thursday, April 29, 2010

May Sweeps Begin Tonight ... April 29

No more reruns: From tonight until around May 26, the broadcast networks really, really care about you, TV viewers! After an April overloaded with more repeats than TV Land (even a Lost rerun, WTF?), the nets are kicking it into high gear with new programming tonight--not that "tonight" matters as much anymore, since only half of younger viewers actually watch TV shows "live" these days, with DVRs now in over 30 percent of 'Merican homes.

Twilight Concert Series Lineup Announced

In what the Salt Lake City Arts Council's Casey Jarman termed "a closely guarded but very poorly kept secret," Pioneer Park was named the new home of the Twilight Concert Series for at least the summer of 2010. Six of the eight shows were announced Thursday morning as well.---

No Tea Parties in Log Cabins

It doesn't fit the narrative coming from FoxNews where Tea Party rallies are the top story in politics this year, but Log Cabin Republicans have shown new influence in Utah politics in ways never seen before. ---At a recent debate, the organization hosted six of eight Republican senate candidates--or their representatives--including incumbent Bob Bennett, an impressive feat for a Utah organization that focuses on queer issues.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tim Little's Fine Art

While the function and operation of gear-works have always fascinated the engineering minds, few look at the industrial mechanisms as forms of artwork.

Orange Flags Sent To Minors

The ubiquitous orange flags will be relegated to less dangerous crossings.--- With the introduction of the HAWK system in Salt Lake City, many (or, at least, me) have wondered about the future for the beloved (at least by me) orange flags.

The Beatles "Abbey Road" Live

No one -- except those few in the studio while it was being recorded -- ever got to see or hear The Beatles play "Abbey Road" live. Well, here's the next best thing.

On the Assfulness of Chaps

I've been a fan of (not a porn site) for years. Rob Cockerham's empirical experiments are occasionally useful and always entertaining.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scenes from Wine Country

I was fortunate to be able to spend most of last week in California's wine country -- Napa and Sonoma. It didn't suck.

Mitt Romney: Wall Street's Bitch?

Does this new cheap-o ad from the Democratic National Committee make GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney look like Wall Street's bitch? More importantly ... this is news to anyone?

Top 10 Animated Scene-Stealers

Movie fans are familiar with the concept of “scene-stealers”—those minor supporting performances that command attention, even though the story isn’t really about them. ---Sometimes, they stick in you memory in a way that even the protagonists don’t.

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