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Friday, April 30, 2010

Dan Wells

When delving into the psychology of a murderer its easy for most writers to jump right into the thick and allow their creations to go on a rampage.

Free Comic Book Day: Your Utah Guide

I'm sure I need not explain this to the comic book fans out there, but for those of you not completely in the know, here's a quick tutorial. ---%uFFFD Free Comic Book Day is an event held on the first Saturday of May every year (tomorrow) where most every comic book store in the nation will hand out specially made books for the day to anyone who comes in.

Roller Derby: WRD Tryouts Saturday

Wanna be a family-friendly rollergirl? Salt Lake City's Wasatch Roller Derby is holding tryouts for new recruits tomorrow--here's the press release from WRD:---

KUTV 2's 5 pm News Not Kid Friendly

Last night's Channel 2 5 pm news story fronted by Chris Jones on Roy cops killing two pit bulls was enough to give little kiddies munching on their chicken nuggets nightmares.--- While Jones explained how cops serving a warrant were confronted by two pit bulls, one of which bit an officer on the foot, an image of a dead dog lying on its side was followed by more distressing footage of a cop shoveling first animals into black plastic bags.

Brain Tumor Awareness Month Fundraiser

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month, and Channing Hall Charter School is fundraising for the cause.--- Tomas Hollenbach, an 8-year-old student at the school, was diagnosed in February with an inoperable tumor on his brain stem.

Leonardo gets $600k shot in the arm?

The Leonardo, which last popped its head up more than a year ago with the successful 'Body Worlds' exhibition that had Salt Lake City talking about the delights of plasticised cadavers for months, appears to have found favor with one of this town's largest philanthropists.--- According to word on the street, the Sorenson Foundation is donating The Leonardo, a self-proclaimed science, technology and arts center, $600,000.

Local Releases: MSSV, Drew Danburry, Plastic Furs, Spell Talk

April snow brings May woe.

FailBlog posts cocky Chronicle's success

University of Utah's own Daily Chronicle was posted on FailBlog today. Something tells me this wasn't a mistake.---

Braving a blizzard to live large at Log Haven

What better way to introduce a new spring menu than throwing a party for serious Salt Lake City foodies and assorted hangers-on (that would be me)?--- You'll have to pardon the hijacking of this space typically dedicated to thoughtful, well-informed food news and criticism; City Weekly food guru Ted Scheffler's better half is one of the owners of Millcreek Canyon fine-dining staple Log Haven, precluding him from writing about the joint. 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

His Google Maps technique is unstoppable

Those among us who are of a certain age will remember Men Without Hats, best known for their 1980s hit "Safety Dance." I suppose those who call the band a one-hit wonder are correct.

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