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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Troy Williams comes out of the Moral Patriot closet

Posted By on March 9, 2010, 8:13 PM

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Local activist/producer/filmmaker/writer/man-about-town Troy Williams posted an entry today on his Queer Gnosis blog fessing up his involvement with yesterday's brilliantly executed Capitol Hill prank.

Regardless of your feelings about the controversial event -- during which the group "Patriots for a Moral Utah" announced its phony citizens initiative calling for the out-of-state relocation of LGBT folks -- you've got to admit it was an excellent bit of political theater. --- The fact that it was convincing enough to fool so many people attests to that. And it demonstrates how, even in this skeptical age, emotions run so high that the implausible can be made to seem plausible through the staging of a high-drama press conference.

PAMU's real mission statement makes a lot more sense -- and it makes me hope that, if they haven't already, Williams et al will actually incorporate the group (or file papers, or register, or do whatever it is one does to make a political pressure group official). I would love to see a gay-rights initiative sponsored by a group named "Patriots for a Moral Utah"! It would be a real finger in the eye of the teabaggers and homophobes who hijack terms such as "patriotism" and "morality," twisting them to serve their own un-American and immoral aims.

And, after all, what could be more patriotic and moral than the struggle for equality?

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