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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Concert review: Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller at Kingsbury Hall

It's not often you find an artist able to glide between genres quite as gracefully as Patty Griffin.--- Granted, the singer/songwriter tromps through closely related fields, but watching her Kingsbury Hall show Tuesday, one couldn't help but be impressed with her dextrous handling of gospel and country, folk and blues.

Easter Eats

Planning to dine out on Easter Sunday? A number of local restaurant are serving special Easter lunches, brunches and dinners.

Radio From Hell (Part 2)

***Just joining us? You're missing out on so much then.  Click here for Part 1.

Radio From Hell (Part 1)

Trying to sum up nearly 25 years worth of radio into a single paragraph is no easy task, especially when accounting for the specific show we're going to discuss today. Which honestly, at times requires a bibliography just to keep it all straight.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10 Movies Not at *All* About Real People (but they are)

The device has a cool-sounding literary name—roman á clef—but it could just as easily be called cover the ass. ---In short, it’s a way fiction writers have of telling stories where everyone knows exactly who you’re talking about, except that you give the characters different names and pretend that any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

When I think of Earthfest, I think of ... Train?

It's natural to think of hippie-dippy jam bands and reggae crews when any sort of enviro-related music fest pops up. The Gallivan Center went another way with Earthfest 2010, ---slated for April 22, and the public doesn't seem too stoked on their choice of headliner, or the price.

Update: alleged DJ Bell attackers, where are they now?

Three of seven alleged attackers of DJ Bell and Dan Fair are currently in custody while the other four have posted bail. Bell and Fair were the victims of an attack on July 5, 2008, in South Salt Lake ---after next-door neighbors accused Bell of kidnapping two children.

Tea Bagger Straining

When I was a kid I remember my grandmother on my mom’s side having a phrase for all the tea you’d find at the overpriced grocery store. She called it… Shit Stew.

Dead Port: Week 60

The hole where Port O' Call used to be in Downtown Salt Lake City, 400 S. West Temple, closed since February 2009 ... --- (Aerial photo by Marty Foy--see this week's episode of Zionized)

Dead Goat: Week 169

The Dead Goat Saloon in Downtown Salt Lake City, 165 S. West Temple, closed since December 2006 (as the Crazy Goat Saloon) ...

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