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Monday, February 1, 2010

7 Sex Scandals That Stunned Salt Lake City

Posted By on February 1, 2010, 9:39 AM

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Salt Lake City has always loved a good sex scandal. Here are seven stunners that run the gamut from elected officials to pro athletes to two Utah teachers allegedly tag-teaming the same kid. ---

7. Congressman Caught Up in Sex Sting

On June 13, 1976, U.S. Rep. Allan Howe, D-Utah, was arrested in Salt Lake City on charges of soliciting two policewomen posing as prostitutes, according to washingtonpost.com. See Congressional Sex Scandals in History

6. Senator shot by mistress, oh my!

In December 1906, former U.S. Sen. Arthur Brown, R-Utah, was shot and killed by an angry mistress. See The Shooting of Arthur Brown, Ex-Senator From Utah

5. The Brysons' Sex Tape Scandal

Round about 2004, state Rep. Katherine Bryson, R-Orem, accused her husband, Utah County Attorney Kay Bryson, of illegally spying on her after he reportedly captured video footage of his wife with another man. Read the sordid details in Kay Bryson won't be charged.

4. Andrei Kirilenko's Booty-Call Benefits

In 2006, Utah Jazz star Andrei Kirilenko's wife publicly stated he had her permission to bang one random fan per year. Masha's remarkably generous gesture earned her acclaim as Best Pro-Athlete Spouse in City Weekly's Best of Utah that year.

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I think that's really her! (Masha is the woman on top of the car pictured in this post, fyi. Photo source: mashakirilenko.com)

3. Two Utah Teachers Accused of Sex with Same Student

Near the end of 2009, The Salt Lake Tribune reported that two Bountiful Junior High School teachers had been accused of sexual relations with the same 13-year-old boy. Both teachers were women. Simply stunning. See the Trib's student sex scandal story.

2. Elizabeth Smart's Abduction and Abuse

I was somewhat reluctant to include the Elizabeth Smart story in this list of sex scandals. It's not really right that a girl of her age should be so widely known for being sexually abused. But I decided to put it here as a chance to raise the question: Is the media overly obsessed with sexy headlines.

Here is an excellent article that examines that topic from Slate writer Jack Shafer:
Smart Bombed: How much coverage of Elizabeth Smart's kidnapping is too much?

1. LDS Women: 58% Admit Premarital Sex

This scandalous headline in the Aug. 9, 1991, edition of The Salt Lake Tribune must have been a blast of scalding hot water to the face of every man, woman and child in Utah. Not for the number alone. But for the simple fact that if 58 percent of Mormon women admitted to premarital sex, the actual percentage has to be significantly higher.

I'd love to link to this article. But if it exists somewhere online, I can't find it. I have seen a copy of the story, though, so I am NOT making it up!

How's my list? Is it as long as you had hoped it would be? Did I leave out some of your favorite Salt Lake City sex scandals? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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