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Monday, January 25, 2010

X-Dance: The Drifter Review

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The Drifter shatters expectations of the typical surf-porn movie. The movie—shown on Sunday, January 24 at X-Dance—recreates Rob Machado's desires for solitude and the perfect 100-yard left break on a trip to Bali.--- 
The Drifter exemplifies what X-Dance represents, putting together all the pieces including a decent plot line, lush cinematography and an impressive soundtrack. 
Despite some cliched Gen-X lines, something to the likes of "I don't know why everyone is so crazy about the sun disappearing. I always like it when things are coming better," the dialogue seems choked and contrived, but that's not what the movie's focus was. 
During filming, Machado would venture alone, come back from his exploits and tell the crew what had happened. Then, they would recreate it while capturing the lushness of the landscape and the pure joy of remote natives. Machado demonstrates the aesthetics of surfing; his moves on the waves were never amazingly daring or award-winning, unlike what he is known for, but they were always smooth, fluid and perfectly pristine to watch. 
White Stripes, Dan Auerbach, Brett Dennen, to only name a few, create an awesome play list to be paired with Balian surf. Classics and new favorites add to the spectacle of this well put together action sports film.
Machado will be awarded Athlete of the Year at X-Dance's awards ceremony on Tuesday, January 25 at Club Elevate.

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