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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chaffetz naked...booze...smoking better than exercise...more

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No sleigh ride this year...the horse has asthma.---

There are lots of things rattling around my head....cough....wheeze....hack.

I hate exercise and now, thanks to Dr. Brian Moench of LDS Hospital, I don't have to feel guilty.  The air in the Salt Lake valley should come with a huge warning lable the same as found on cigarettes.  This is the part of the argument about global warming that has never made sense to me.  All this talk about greenhouse gases making polar bears learn to tread water longer misses the point of a basic right of all living things.  BREATHING!  I don't care if the temperature of the planet is going to rise in the next million years.  What about the air we breath today?  Dr. Moench said you would be better off smoking than trying to exercise outside in this crap.  Of course that doesn't mean just jogging or hiking but just shoveling your walk or wandering the Wal-Mart parking lot trying to find your car. 

Then there is the battle going on between the BLM and animal rights groups over the wild mustang round up because they are.....ah....what? eating grass and drinking from a stream!  We have no problem importing radioactive shit from around the world to line the pockets of executives of Energy Solutions and subsiquently the pockets of politicians, but wild horses are going to destroy our environment like the buffalo did until we all but wiped them out like wolves.  Leave the animals alone and they will sort it out themselves.  It was recently reported that cars kill more deer than hunters. works itself out eventually without government intervention.

Now we have some half wit trying to blow up a plane and wound up setting his nuts on fire instead.  I don't mean to deminish the seriousness of this terrorist's act, but it shows that the system failed again after 9 years of TSA and Homeland Security tinkering with how we screen passengers.  Congressman Jason Chaffetz is still against the full body scan because it is too revealing and privacy proponents are against it too.  We've all seen the pictures of the scans and I will admit that they are pretty graphic.  That said, lets keep people flying to this country under heavy watch and even have everybody fly buck naked if need be.  Let's just get over it and admit that profiling is needed more than ever.  This idiots father even went to the US embassy to warn them about his son going off the rails over radical Islam preaching in Nigeria and apparently nobody bothered to follow up.  How much money are we paying people to do just that? 

Finally I have a hero to root for.  Rep. Gage Froerer, R-Huntsville.......that's what I "R" who realizes that the quota system of issueing liquor licenses is not a booze issue but an economic one.  He is not going to get very far with his legislation but he will make Governor Herbert and the other prohibitionists squirm when he brings the subject up in the next legislative session. This is an issue that the DABC Chairman Sam Granato has been on since he was appointed by Governor Jon Huntsman to the commission.  We can only hope Sam gives Bob Bennett a run for his money in the upcoming election. 

You go Gage....I'll hoist a tankard of grog in your honor.  Happy New Year!

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