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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ode To The Box (Of Wine)

Posted By on December 24, 2009, 1:06 PM

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Upon venturing into a Utah Liquor Store this holiday season you might find long lines, daunting selections, and pricey wines. That's why it is important to be decisive. We are all trying to spend less and get more this holiday season, also wanting to provide for our loved ones. So why not go for the box?
Oh, little box of good fortune and Yuletide cheer, you needn't be wrapped for that warm, tingly surprise. Sure, when you arrive at a Christmas party you will have to thwart lude comments, but by the end of the night your friends will be caroling your blessings. Well, this was the case at a dinner party last evening (your friends might be better behaved). As I was posting this, I warned Ted about my support for boxed wine to avoid judgement from our resident expert.
There are several selections to choose from. When shopping for a box of wine, I find little need to digress into the subtle flavorings and the aromatic textures of the spirit. After all, what spirits could live in a vacuum seal? You are going for price, quantity (3 liters), and humility here.
Unfortunately, selections are scarce in Utah, but they are of a high quality. My vote goes to Black Box Merlot ($19.99)--chic, delicious, and with a rating of 86, how can it be beat? For those environmentally conscious consumers, try the Bota Box Shiraz ($18.99) that comes in a recycled container.
Pairing? Most people that drink box wine pair a glass, well, with another glass. Both stand alone or make great bases for Mulled Wine, a holiday favorite of mine.
Utah Liquor Stores will be closing early today (Christmas Eve), so get on your sleigh and "Jing, jing, jingle" down before closing time to add to your weekend's celebrations.

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