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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lipstick on Energy Solutions... Their Still a Pig

Posted By on December 24, 2009, 4:32 PM

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Energy Solutions is lying....they have nothing to do with energy and they are not a solution to anything good.---

Maybe their hired hatchet man Val Christensen will make a commercial about me for calling them what they are...A DUMP!%uFFFD Not your ordinary disgusting, stinky, seagull loving landfill with all our dirty diapers, plastic bags, beer cans and anything else we can stuff in our garbage cans and put on the curb for weekly pickup.%uFFFD Energy Solutions is just a huge money grubbing toxic DUMP.%uFFFD Did I over state the issue because the crap they charge millions to take in cannot power a nuclear reactor anymore?%uFFFD Now they are going batshit over a flier sent out by Rep. Jim Matheson touting his legislation that would halt Energy Solutions from accepting nuclear garbage from foreign countries.%uFFFD This has gotten so far under their scales-er-skin that Christensen is crying foul calling Congressman Matheson everything under the sun.%uFFFD Anti-jobs, anti-business, anti-Utah and down right anti-American.%uFFFD Christensen claims that Matheson aligns himself with radical "liberal" groups and he is an anti-business, anti-trade "liberal.%uFFFD It just so happens that our current Governor Herbert, former Governor Huntsman, Rep. Chaffetz and 97.9% of Utahns all agree with Matheson.%uFFFD So what does Christensen do?%uFFFD He says all those people are the same bunch of anti's.

I need some cheap publicity in my quest for a job so here is hoping Christensen will make a cheesy commercial about me for calling his company liars.%uFFFD They do not produce energy and the only solution they are is to take radioactive crap that nobody else will have anything to do with.%uFFFD They make a fortune taking this garbage from some 36 states and now want to import it from foreign contries.%uFFFD Matheson would like to remind you that no other country accepts this kind of crap from other countries, but Energy Solutions would like to break the mold and become the first international radioactive garbage dump.%uFFFD Got that Val?%uFFFD You run a dump, nothing more and nothing less.%uFFFD Do all the commercials you want but they won't change what you are...a DUMP!

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