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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Lively way to justify the criminalization of gays

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An interesting essay by theologian Scott Lively, who presides over an organization called "Defend the Family International", explains that Uganda's draconian anti-gay laws are to protect Ugandans against "homosexual political activists from Europe and the United States [who] are working aggressively to re-homosexualize their nation."

Mainly, Lively argues that the criminalization of gays is justified because of the actions of Mwanga II, the Kabaka of Buganda, a rather horrible 19th-century tribal king. Mwanga initiated a bloody campaign against the European missionaries, who were heavily converting the Buganda from their ancestral tribal religion to Roman Catholicism and the Church of England.---

Among those executed were a Catholic priest named Joseph Mukasa, and 22 boys who were under Mukasa's close supervision. As the story goes, the boys were slaughtered not because they had converted to Christianity, but because Mukasa had trained them to resist Mwanga's icky sexual demands.

Some 120 years later, Mukasa is a saint, the unfortunate boys are martyrs, and the best strategy Lively can come up to prevent similar atrocities is to criminalize gays.

Now, obviously, any tribal droit de seigneur tradition that allows a king to rape boys ought to be outlawed. Or girls. Or anybody else, for that matter. And why limit it to kings? Obviously, the thing to do is to outlaw rape.

Lively also says Uganda is overrun by nefarious gay and lesbian foreigners, who flock to the impoverished nation to prey on destitute boys and girls. Apparently, gay men find Uganda to be a handy marketplace for "personal houseboys", while schoolgirls are being paid good money to "recruit" classmates to lesbianism.

Now, the horrors that occur in Third World nations are so exquisite and varied that it's tragically unsurprising to hear about sexual exploitation of minors going on in Uganda. According to EPCAT reports, "Evidence suggests that children are abducted, trafficked and forced into prostitution and also sexually abused by adult men who seek young girls with the belief that they are free from HIV."

Lively makes no mention of these girls who are subject to horrible exploitation by adult men. Perhaps he feels that men who rape girls have a place in his blissfully "heterosexualized" Uganda.

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