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Monday, December 14, 2009

Poll results show polls are bullshit!

Posted By on December 14, 2009, 1:45 PM

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When was the last time you were asked your opinion on anything other than "Paper or plastic?"---

I am constantly amazed at the number of polls that keep popping up in the news on everything from, should Tiger Woods use a 6 iron or a chain saw?, to, "do you think the earth is gettng warmer?"  The headline in this mornings D-News really changed my mind about a subject that I have no opinion on and no way of knowing a damn thing about the.  "POLL FINDS UTAHNS COOLING TOWARD GLOBAL WARMING".  So?  Dan Jones has made a very lucrative living asking people what they think about tons of things and I have never been one of those asked.  So should I just go along with the sheep who read this crap and think that these 408 selected nobodies should think for me?  No, why?  Because it is all bullshit.  We have a conference going on in Copenhagen where thousands of learned scientists have compared decades of notes and studies to try and determine what is going on with the subject of climate change.  The general concensus is that the earth is getting a tad warmer than it has been in eons.

The major issue that has the right and left going at each others throats is did man have anything to do with this change?  I say to all, I don't care.  It only matters that we have clean water and clean air and we can do something about that.  All this other stuff seems rather pointless because even I know that the earth is a living thing that is ever changing over eons and we, humanity, are only but a blip in the grand scheme of the universe.  I wonder if we will have as long a run as the dinosaurs?  I won't be around to find out but somebody or something will and I wonder if Dan Jones will ask our opinion on that?  Why not, it's just all bullshit anyway.

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